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Research theme: Health and Care

Our academic vision seeks to develop new models of health care delivery, health promotion and technology-enabled treatment models. This focus will reduce the burden of avoidable illness, reduce health inequalities and enhance the effectiveness of health and care interventions.

Our strong track record in health research is demonstrated through successful partnerships with healthcare organisations and across the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. We are also a major provider of expert practitioners to the UK and global healthcare sector.

This work takes place at the University of Bradford across multiple disciplines - you can see details of our research centres below, along with more information about our specific areas of interest and a selection of our success stories.

bottles lined up in a laboratory

Research centres and institutes

Below are links to our specialist research hubs at the University of Bradford. There is further information about our work with external partners on our Strategic Collaborations page.

Chemistry 2018, Faculty of Life Sciences

Analytical equipment from a Chemistry lab in the Faculty of Life Sciences

Allied Health Professionals and Midwifery in the Faculty of Health Studies

Sharing Midwifery knowledge at the Faculty of Health Studies

Health and care stories

Our key research theme of health care illustrated below by a selection of interesting articles, profiles and videos. There are even more to view on our archived stories page.