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Digital Health Enterprise Zone

Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) brings people together to develop digital health innovations that improve the lives of people living with long-term conditions. By creating relationships between students, researchers, businesses and health professionals we can develop projects that change how health and health care is delivered in the future.

DHEZ logo

DHEZ's purpose-designed Phoenix South West Building on the University of Bradford City Campus is our home. The Phoenix Building houses four floors of research, learning, business incubation and public clinics. It features a full-size two bedroom Tech House/Living Lab. The building functions as a hub of digital health knowledge and innovation, and a space for research projects to develop.

To support its aims, DHEZ has strong relationships with local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Trusts, and a growing number of partnerships with the Bradford Institute of Health Research, including the establishment of The Wolfson Centre for Applied Healthcare Research. 

DHEZ is part of the £13m Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) partnership.  DHEZ is led by the University of Bradford and the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, with £3.5m of funding from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).  Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership have supported DHEZ from the outset as the regional hub for digital health innovation.  

Teaching and learning

At DHEZ we value the sharing of knowledge across all the groups we work with - whether you are a student, involved in a research project, or attending an event.

DHEZ's digital health teaching and learning facilities in the Phoenix Building are designed to support interactive teaching and learning methods. The Phoenix Building has teaching space which includes a 50 seat lecture theatre, public clinics for hands-on learning, patient consultation areas, a Phlebotomy Suite and a Tech House/Living Lab.

The building is a digital health hub for the University that brings people together and inspires new ideas that will improve future teaching and create digitally savvy health graduates.