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Research Impact

Research impact takes many forms, as changes beyond academia to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, that take place as a consequence of research.

The impact case studies below demonstrate the real-world differences University of Bradford researchers are creating with their research in diverse areas across our key research themes of health and care, the engineered environment and sustainable societies.

We've also curated a selection of innovations and inventions that the University of Bradford has given the world, which demonstrates the legacy of our research since the University's inception in 1966.

Research news

Our research innovations have a positive impact on society, read some of our recent success stories and insights below.

Business and community engagement research stories

Our videos below show some examples of how organisations and communities benefit from our research.

Our research supported Rakusen’s to successfully rebrand the business as a technology driven enterprise and achieve its objective to increase exports.

We partnered with Health Innovations to successfully scale up the EfferShield effervescent technology in products for the UK and international markets.

Bradford researchers supported Bradford Council to successfully develop a ‘Digital Twin’ of the city centre which was awarded the  Queen’s Anniversary prize.

Our podcasts

The Let's Talk University of Bradford podcast hosted by Chris Walton explores interesting research topics and stories (links below open the podcasts in Spotify).

More research stories

Find more stories on, our research archive pages, in our research and innovation newsletter and on the University's news pages.

The engineered environment

Stories that relate to the engineered environment, one of our key research themes, arranged by category.

Sustainable societies

A selection of articles, videos and more arranged by category which relate to our key theme sustainable societies.

Health and care

Our key research theme of health and care illustrated below by a selection of interesting articles, profiles and videos.

See the full list of articles

Our blog articles are also arranged by category on our Research blog page.

International research

The scope of our research community extends beyond our regional and national roots; it also encompasses research into issues that affect areas of Africa, Asia and beyond, which have implications for the world as a whole.

Poverty, poor health, climate change, energy and water supply, food security and conflict are problems that can impact us all, so we are working with international charities, companies, universities, government partners and communities to improve our research and share knowledge.

Read our international research stories.