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The impacts of the pandemic on research - video

Dr Peter Branney, Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences led a project to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the research community at the University of Bradford. The MIAMI (Micro and meso-level pandemic impacts on research activity across a higher education institution) research activity project team also included two Bradford PhD students, Gabby Keating and Nikki Moore, along with Dr Carole Binns, Dr Elizabeth Walters and Dr Kathryn Francis from Keele University. The below video breaks down some of the key findings:

Dr Branney sums up the project’s impact: 

While lockdown was unprecedented, this study demonstrates that many of the issues experienced are longstanding. High quality research requires the time to be methodical. Increasing the demand on staff time needs to be met by increasing staff resources and methodical research requires plenty of uninterrupted time to focus. Importantly, this research demonstrates that organisations can use a continual improvement process in how they use their resources to conduct high quality research, through workload models and other systems. 

Find out more on the project's OSF page.