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Dr Peter Branney

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Faculty/Dept/School School of Social Sciences
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 236940


Virtual Office Hours

During the autumn term, you can book in for virtual meetings Tuesday and Thursday afternoons here (note that if no slots appear, it means Dr. Branney's diary is fully booked).  If you need to ask about extenuating circumstances, see this information.  If you have a query about your psychology course that cannot wait, please contact the programme admin team at  

Peter Branney

A Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Higher Education Academy and the Royal Society of Arts, Dr. Branney excels at challenging projects that will have an impact. Dr. Branney has undertaken a programme of award winning, internationally leading work exploring how men and women engage with healthcare, how they experience threats to their health, and how to improve their experience of healthcare. Dr. Branney co-authored the UK Department for Health report, ‘The Gender & Access to Services Study’ and led the first national study of Patients’ Experiences of Penile Cancer (PEPC), which is published on the award winning and featured on BBC Radio 4s Inside Health, the BPS Impact Portal, and The Guardian. Among over 20 projects totalling more than £1million in funding, Dr. Branney has taken key roles in small scale projects to large international collaborations for small to medium size enterprises, charities, and government and non-government organisations. Dr. Branney held an Economic and Social Research Council studentship at the University of Leeds and was a visiting doctoral student at Massey University, Aotearoa/New Zealand. He holds a BSc in psychology and philosophy international, an MSc in psychological approaches to health and a PhD in psychology. After completing his PhD in 2006, he joined the Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Metropolitan University. In 2012, Peter transferred to the School of Social, Psychological and Communication Studies, Leeds Beckett University before joining the Division of Psychology at the University of Bradford in 2017. A student-focused educator, Dr. Branney has received awards from student bodies for his teaching in social psychology. Additionally, Dr. Branney has been an external examiner for undergraduate single and joint honours psychology programmes in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, and regularly receive invites to be an external expert for periodic reviews and an external examiner for doctorates. 


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