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News from the University of Bradford

Anita Rani vows to inspire students during first visit as Chancellor

11 January 2023

Pitch perfect: Bradford alumnus and CEO George Mullan to deliver inspirational talk to students

3 February 2023

Family courts reporting trial will lead to greater transparency, says Head of Law School

2 February 2023

Experts blame 'Tripledemic' for medicines shortage

26 January 2023

New Year Honours recipients on why education is so important

23 January 2023

University part of first research on Net Zero in higher education

23 January 2023

Yorkshire Champions inspiring the young

23 January 2023

University commended for its warm welcome for international students

19 January 2023

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The Conversation

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Ukraine war: why Poland is piling pressure on allies

Published on January 19, 2023. Author: Professor of International Relations and Security, University of Bradford

How the ‘tripledemic’ is restricting cold and flu medicine supplies

Published on January 20 by The Conversation. Authors: Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ), University of Bradford, Professor in Health Service Operations, University of Bradford and Practice Pharmacist/Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Bradford

Ukraine War:why Germany dragged its feet over supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Published January 26, 2023. Author: Professor of International Relations and Security, University of Bradford

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