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News from the University of Bradford

Bradford named UK’s University of the Year for Social Inclusion

20 September 2019

Pharmacy students take part in Self Care Week

14 November 2019

University highlights antibiotic resistance threat

7 November 2019

Funding enables training for the next generation of paramedics

31 October 2019

New series explores science and healthcare advances

24 October 2019

Weekend festival at Theatre in the Mill

23 October 2019

University nursery rated Outstanding

22 October 2019

Talk explores the future of smart cities

17 October 2019

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Are working-class students and academics avoiding top universities?

Published October 21, 2019 by Carole Binns, University of Bradford

Curious Kids: why does the light turn on?

Published October 3, 2019 by Roger Clarke, University of Bradford

The forgotten benefits of a ‘bad’ memory

Published October 2, 2019 by Catriona Morrison, University of Bradford

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