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Research theme: The Engineered Environment

Our innovative engineering research advances the fundamental understanding of engineering and applied science to create technological solutions to real world problems and needs. 

Through engaging in multi-disciplinary learning and research, our undergraduate and postgraduate students develop the creative capabilities that enable them to gain outstanding skills and expertise in engineering design, innovation, management and problem solving.

Importantly, we foster meaningful partnerships with industry and commerce to co-develop and apply our technology, engineering and management expertise.

The work takes place across our research centres in the University, detailed below, and we have also linked to some of our case study success stories.

academic guiding student in engineering laboratory

Research centres and institutes

Below are links to our specialist research hubs at the University of Bradford. There is further information about our work with external partners on our Strategic Collaborations page.

Research areas

  • Sustainable environments
  • Smart industrial systems

The engineered environment stories

Stories that relate to this research theme, arranged by category. Find more on our archive page.