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Welcome to the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

I welcome you to the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics (ICT), the home of multidisciplinary teams working together to make fundamental discoveries and take them to the clinic.

Early diagnosis and personalised healthcare are the future to winning the battle against human disease including cancer. At the ICT, we fuse genetics, cell biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology to take medicines and diagnostics from concept to clinic. 

The ICT is world-renowned for research, training and partnership with industry. We are located in a purpose-built building carrying over 30 years’ experience in drug discovery, pharmacology, metabolite profiling and pharmacokinetics. We work closely with Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Sheffield, the Bradford Royal Infirmary, St James Hospital and the Royal Hallamshire. Our team provides broad services to industry ranging from target validation to preclinical studies. Our excellence is testified by substantial investment from industry and research councils, leading to high impact outputs, innovation and knowledge transfer.

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Professor Sherif El-Khamisy, Professor of Molecular Medicine, Head of the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics and Director of Ethical Tissue Biobank

Whether you are a commercial organisation looking for a high-quality service, a student seeking top-notch training or a scientist wishing to be embedded in a stimulating and nurturing environment - we look forward to working with you. Professor Sherif El-Khamisy, Head of the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

From concept to clinic

The Institute of Cancer Therapeutics (ICT) is a multidisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Bradford working together to research, develop and commercialise new cancer treatments.  The team work in the fields of synthetic and medicinal chemistry, pre-clinical pharmacology (including in vivo biology), molecular biology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), drug formulation and proteomics.

We are one of only a few centres in the UK with the research tools and expertise in-house to progress anticancer medicines and biomarkers from concept to clinic.

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Excellent research facilities

The ICT is a purpose-built facility for cancer drug design, synthesis, pre-clinical pharmacology and Phase I trial PKPD laboratory support.  The four floors of the purpose built cancer research building within the science quarter of the University provide 2600sqm for chemistry, cancer pharmacology and translational research in addition to commercial activity.  All aspects of in vitro and in vivo research studies are catered for including cell and tissue culture, molecular and cell biology, pathology, imaging using an IVIS bioluminescence detector and confocal microscopy and cytometric analysis using FACS. In addition, several HPLCs, a single and two triple quadrupole mass spectrometers are housed within the DMPK facility to enable drug analysis for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic elucidation.

The Institute has extensive laboratories and equipment for cancer drug design and development, including dedicated Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) facilities, and modern medicinal chemistry facilities. One floor is dedicated to molecular modelling and medicinal chemistry within a 20 fume hood facility with state of the art organic synthesis equipment. In addition, the University Analytical Centre is directly accessible from the Institute and holds the key capital equipment to support discovery and pre-clinical programmes.

Within the Bioincubator suites housed on the top floor is Ethical Tissue, the university’s flagship licensed research tissue bank. This facility allows access to human matched cancer/normal human tissue as well as other human tissues and fluids.

The Institute provides collaborative research support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. 

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An outstanding record in research

We have an exceptional track record of research, with 92% of the Institute’s research outputs and 100% of our impact and environment studies being placed in the 4* and 3* categories in the REF2014 exercise.  We are working hard to build on this for the next REF exercise.

The Institute plans to expand its research  taking in more researchers  that will grow and contribute to the aims of the team.  In collaboration with our commercial partners we aim to progress our own development drugs to phase 1 clinical trials and also to help industrial sponsors by sharing our research expertise and facilities. ICT offers state of the art laboratories and the technical expertise to facilitate our own research and industry research through translational and contract research partnerships.


Huan Wang, MSc Cancer Pharmacology, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics.

ICT networks and partners

Networks and Partners

The Institute of Cancer Therapeutics has many research collaborations and industry partnerships that span all our research capabilities. Some of our leading partnerships are outlined below:

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Meet the academic team

Meet the business team

Contact the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

Business support: Jason Jones or Gill Westgate


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