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Healthcare technology

There is a significant critical mass of research work in health care technology research.

Key areas

  • Enhancing communication and practice between clinicians
  • Improving communication between clinicians and patients
  • Assisting with patient and family self-management and understanding.

Healthcare technologies are not merely devices designed to cure and investigate problems but also to enhance health and wellbeing and optimize the impact of treatments and interventions. We are particularly interested in collaborations and partnerships between clinicians, health service users, and technologists. Some of these collaborations are with our engineering and computing colleagues across campus while others are partnerships with IT businesses. Examples of this work can be seen in our research into app development with asylum seekers or with mental health service users; in the development of health risk calculator web platforms; or with the use of game technology for self-management.

Other work includes working in guidelines or standards for public participation with digital health services; the use of tele-health and other technologies for health care access in remote areas; or the use of digital testimonials in dementia care. The faculty also works closely with the University-wide Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) – a network hub between different interests in health care technology on and off campus which includes local government, business and the Wolfson Institute at the Bradford Royal Infirmary.