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Service users and Carer involment

Teaching and learning within the Faculty of Health Studies promotes and develops the involvement of Service Users and Carers in planning, providing and managing educational programmes and research activity.

Service Users and Carers can be considered to be anyone who may have accessed, cared for someone who has accessed or be eligible to access health and social care services and provision.

The Faculty has an active Service User and Carer group which is collaboratively involved in the recruitment of students, delivery of teaching sessions, production of learning materials, assessment of learning, involvement in curriculum development and the governance of the Faculty. 

Judy - a Service User's Experience of the Faculty of Health Studies

For several years there has been a recognition of the positive contribution that can be made by Service Users and Carers to NHS service provision at both community and individual levels. This NHS ideology and practice are also reflected in the expectations of organisations responsible for commissioning the training and education of health care workers.

The Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority specifically identifies the need to ensure that the workforce have the skills and knowledge to work in partnership with people, rather than viewing them as being passively dependent.

In addition, professional bodies such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Health & Care Professions Council require curricula to demonstrate sufficient opportunity for students to develop the relevant knowledge and skills that reflect these changes.

All our courses have been approved on the basis that there is substantial involvement from Service Users and Carers. As such students should expect Service Users and Carers to have an impact on their learning whether that is through face to face contact, in teaching sessions or assessments, through the production of re-useable learning materials, such as digital stories, audio or video and the evaluation and management of their courses.