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A lab technician wearing goggles working infront of lab equipment.

Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies

In 2023, our faculty changed it's name from Faculty of Engineering & Informatics to Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies.

The Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies delivers an exciting mix of core engineering disciplines and creative technologies that complement each other to deliver innovative solutions with high sector impacts addressing the challenges posed by industry, the environment, and health and well-being agendas.

We produce and disseminate research that harnesses the benefits of innovative engineering with sustainable principles, and within a framework that promotes sustainable economic development, supports enhanced health and well-being, and deliver low-environmental-impact solutions.

We provide our students with a wide range of expertise and opportunity that individuals can tailor to their particular strengths. We deliver engaging and innovative learning and teaching that instils an ethos of curiosity, pragmatism, responsible leadership, and citizenship. 

Our vision is to influence strategies and solutions that address global challenges by Making Knowledge Work through world-class interdisciplinary teaching and research that cultivates talented, versatile, job-ready graduates within a distinctive student community that has the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

Message from the Dean

I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies at the University of Bradford.

Through the key areas of Chemical, Civil, Biomedical, and Mechanical Engineering with Computer Science and Design and Technology, our Faculty brings together a blend of disciplines to address 21st Century technology challenges, to sustain a productive, resilient, healthy, and connected nation and global society.

Located in the historical setting of the City of Bradford that was one of the cradles of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s that led to many innovative and modern engineering inventions, the Faculty is intrinsically linked to future engineering through its research capabilities and its very close working partnerships with all tiers of industry and business, from local SMEs to global multinational organisations.

Martin Priest, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics at the University of Bradford.

Professor Martin Priest, Dean -  Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies


Multi-disciplinary research is key to our research vision and strategy to address the diverse, complex and demanding problems of today's society. Research activities are conducted collaboratively in our Faculty research centres and groups.

Much of our research activities are funded by external bodies including Research Funding Councils, the EU and industries, supported by world class research facilities and experienced technical staff, providing an excellent training environment and platform for our Postgraduate Research (MPhil and PhD) Programmes. We have close collaborations with other research and academic institutes across the globe and host research visitors from around the world.

Building on our ethos of 'Research informs teaching, teaching prepares research', the Faculty also offers a wide-spectrum of research-led postgraduate taught programmes and continued professional development (CPD) courses that cater for different professional needs.

Industry input

Active and co-beneficial industrial links form a major component of the fabric of activity within the Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies, across the wide range of areas that we work in, from engineering and computing through to film and media.

The reasons are simple: to maintain relevance in what we do academically in scholarship, to support the development of UK plc as an internationally-recognised class-leading enterprise across a wide range of commercial sectors, to support fast routes to impact for research and technology transfer, and to ensure currency and future-proofing of our learning and teaching curricula.

Activities include collaborative (fundamental) research projects, contract research, CPD (accredited and bespoke), consultancy, standards, and an opportunity for industry to see "first-hand" our students who may be future employees. The activities are supported by a flexible, knowledgeable, and multidisciplinary team of academics, research staff, and technical staff who work with world-class research facilities and industry-standard equipment.

Our current and recent partners include the likes of Jaguar Land Rover and the BBC. We are also delighted to work with SMEs of all sizes, a sector with which we have considerable experience given the commercial and industrial landscape in the North of England within which we operate. We engage with them through industrial placements, internships, contributions to our curricula, graduate recruitment, consultancy, research and knowledge transfer, Continuing Professional Development, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Undergraduate courses