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Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering is the conception, design, construction and maintenance of the built environment.

This includes all our major buildings, transportation systems, water supply and wastewater disposal systems, and all the infrastructure associated with power generation and distribution.

Our courses will prepare you for a profession which creates the very fabric of our society.

At a glance

The University of Bradford wants its students to succeed and produce phenomenal pieces of work. You are challenged at every level, always leaving you with more and more to discover. My supervisor has always pushed me constantly to produce solid, game changing work. - Tarek Taha, PhD student
Studying my bachelors and masters in Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Bradford has truly been an incredible experience. I have definitely come a long way and for that I am grateful to the amazing lecturers who have supported, inspired and encouraged me throughout the 4 years. - Aneeqa Akksar, MEng Civil and Structural Engineering