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Meet the team

A message from our Director

The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies has a long history of undertaking high quality pioneering research and delivering evidence-based education and training, underpinned by the values of person-centred care.

We are committed to involving people who are living with dementia and have a long standing group of Experts by Experience who volunteer to work with us on our research, education and training. Together with our students, honorary staff and alumni, we form an interdisciplinary community of passionate academics and researchers with real-world knowledge, who are committed to delivering innovations with societal impact for people living with dementia and those who support them.

I am hugely proud of everyone involved in the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies and our shared aspiration to develop a thriving, inclusive and socially engaged community.

Siobhan Reilly, Director - Applied Dementia Studies

Siobhan Reilly, Director - Centre for Applied Dementia Studies

Full list of our team

First name Last name Position Profile Photo
Jan Oyebode Chair in Dementia Care View profile for Jan Oyebode Photo of Jan Oyebode
Danielle Jones Associate Professor View profile for Danielle Jones Photo of Danielle Jones
Lindsey Collins Dementia Care Practice Dev Consultant View profile for Lindsey Collins Photo of Lindsey Collins
Sahdia Parveen Senior Research Fellow View profile for Sahdia Parveen Photo of Sahdia Parveen
Andrea Capstick Associate Professor View profile for Andrea Capstick Photo of Andrea Capstick
Clare Mason Dementia Care Trainer View profile for Clare Mason Photo of Clare Mason
Ana Barbosa Assistant Professor View profile for Ana Barbosa Photo of Ana Barbosa
Catherine Quinn Associate Professor View profile for Catherine Quinn Photo of Catherine Quinn
Gary Fry Research Fellow View profile for Gary Fry Photo of Gary Fry
Daniel Kelleher Research Assistant View profile for Daniel Kelleher Photo of Daniel Kelleher
Siobhan Reilly Director - Applied Dementia Studies View profile for Siobhan Reilly Photo of Siobhan Reilly
Amirah Akhtar Research Associate View profile for Amirah Akhtar Photo of Amirah Akhtar
Andrew Williams Clinical Skills Teacher View profile for Andrew Williams
Karen Windle Professor in Applied Dementia Research View profile for Karen Windle
Samantha Wilson Research Fellow View profile for Samantha Wilson Photo of Samantha Wilson

Experts by Experience

At the University of Bradford, we feel that people with dementia and those who care and support them should be at the heart of everything we do.

Our Experts by Experience group members work with us in a variety of different ways and this ensures our work is informed and shaped by those who have real life experience of what it's like to live with and care for someone who has dementia.

Current PhD students

The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies has a thriving community of PhD students who are part of our Doctoral Training Centre

Current students did their first degrees across varying subjects, including social science, psychology, nursing and other related areas. They also join us from a wide range of career backgrounds, including health and social care, as well as academia.

Many of our PhD students join us as mature students, international students or study part-time.

Honorary staff

At the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies our honorary researchers and professors are integral to our work.

As an applied dementia research team we are keen to collaborate and work with those in clinical roles, individuals from other institutions, agencies and businesses. Our honorary staff join us from a wide range of career backgrounds and academic and health and social care organisations.