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Dr Sahdia Parveen

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies
(Faculty of Health Studies)
Telephone +441274 236089


Dr Sahdia Parveen completed her BSc (hons) in Psychology with neuropsychology in 2006 at the University of Wales, Bangor; followed by a MSc in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Health Psychology. Sahdia’s MSc thesis and PhD focused on the influence of ethnicity, culture and willingness to care on family carer outcomes (gains, distress and quality of life). Following her PhD research, Sahdia joined the Ascertaining Barriers to Compliance project in 2011. This was a multi-national research project exploring the determinants to medicine adherence using health economics and health psychology models of behaviour. In 2012, Sahdia joined the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research group at the Bradford Institute for Health Research as a research fellow. Sahdia was involved with a range of projects examining patient safety factors in health care. She also developed an interest in patient and public involvement in research. Sahdia was delighted to join the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies in August 2013. Sahdia was awarded a prestigious early career fellowship from the Alzheimer's Society in 2015 worth £225k. She also won the Alzheimer's Society Dementia Research Leaders award for patient and public involvement and engagement. Sahdia continues to be actively involved within the community and currently delivers Dementia Detectives workshops for schools. Sahdia has been a co investigator on several projects and most recently was the chief investigator on the Caregiving HOPE study. Sahdia's research interests include: diversity and dementia (particularly the experience of minority ethnic communities), family carers, implementation science, behaviour change, development and psychometric testing of questionnaires and patient safety. Sahdia's work has received attention from the media and was recently featured on BBC Look North and the Vitoria Derbyshire show. 


Diversity and dementia (particularly the experience of minority ethnic communities)

Family carers

Cohort studies/large questionnaire studies

Behaviour change

Health Psychology

Implementation science

Development and psychometric testing of questionnaire scales

Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
- Chief investigatorCaregiving HOPE
- Chief investigatorDementia Detectives

Research collaborators
NameProfessor Jan Oyebode
NameProfessor Val Morrison
CompanyBangor University
ThemeHealth Psychology
NameProfessor Richard Fortinsky
CompanyUniversity of Connecticut
NameDr Alys Griffiths
CompanyLeeds Beckett
ThemeDementia Detectives
NameDr Nicolas Farina
CompanyBrighton and Sussex Medical School
ThemeDementia Detectives


Teaching interests


Quantitative research methods

Health Psychology

Teaching highlights

    Assessment and diagnosis of dementia (PwSI Dementia) ·     

Pharmacological and psychosocial support for people with Dementia (PwSI Dementia) ·     

  Service evaluation in dementia care (Masters in Dementia Studies) ·     

Working with communities to improve health (Masters in Public Health, school of nursing) ·    

  Health promotion in practice (Masters in Public Health, school of nursing)

Other teaching activities ·     

  Development of e learning module on diversity and dementia, and dementia prevention for Health Education England ·     

Currently involved with developing modules for new dementia curriculum within the centre ·     

  Member of the Doctoral Training Centre Management Board.

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-06: BSc (Hons)
  • 01-JAN-07: MSc
  • 01-JAN-11: PhD

  • Interdem, pan-European network of researchers collaborating in research on and dissemination of Early, Timely and Quality Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia aimed at improving the quality of life of people with dementia and their supporters, across Europe.

  • BME Dementia Network - sharing good practice in dementia care for minority ethnic communities across Yorkshire and Lancashire
  • Journal Dementia Care,
  • Alzheimer's Europe,

  • 01-JAN-15: Dementia Research Leader Award for Patient and Public engagement
  • 01-JAN-15: Best Poster Award for Dementia Friendly Projects
  • 01-JAN-16: Best Poster award

  • Dementia Detectives is a workshop for adolescents aiming to improve awareness of dementia

  • Champion: Dementia Champion - raising awareness of dementia, and creating demntia friends


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