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X-Ray Diffraction

The Centre's comprehensive XRD facilities cover automated, variable temperature and high resolution studies; state-of-the-art SCD facilities include the latest CCD cameras and cryo-crystallography systems.

Instruments and Facilities:

  • Bruker X8 APEX:
    • SCD CCD Kappa-four circle instrument; Oxford Cryostream Plus VT facility (80 - 500 K).
  • Bruker D8 Advance:
    • PXRD Bragg-Brentano with 9-sample autochanger for high throughput phase identification & mixture analysis.
  • Bruker D5000:
    • PXRD Bragg-Brentano with Anton Paar TK400 VT Stage.
PXRD instrument

Bruker D8 Advance PXRD