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Mass Spectrometry

The Centre houses an impressive range of mass spectrometry apparatus hyphenated to various types of chromatographic systems allowing development / deployment of methods to study complex matrices including biological samples, formulated products and archaeological materials.

  • HRMS; Thermo Accela UPLC with Orbitrap LTQ ion trap MSn and HRMS for accurate mass determination;
  • LCMSMS; Waters 2790 HPLC (UV/RI/ELSD/fluorescence) with Quattro Ultima and QuattroLC triple quadrupole MS systems (ESI, APcI, direct infusion);
  • LCMS; Waters 2790 HPLC (UV/RI/ELSD/fluorescence) with ZMD Single quadrupole systems (ESI, APcI, direct infusion);
  • GCMS; Agilent 7890GC with 5975 Inert MSD (EI/CI ionisation).
Mass Spectrometer image

Thermo Orbitrap LTQ HRMS for accurate mass measurements