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Particle Characterisation

The Centre offers a comprehensive analytical service for characterisation of solid particulates through combinations of macroscopic, microscopic and diffraction tools.  The Centre can investigate particle size, shape and surface characterisation as well as bulk powder properties such as true density and surface area determination.

Techniques available include

  • Particle Size Distribution (DLS / LD) analysis for powders and liquid suspensions or emulsions;
  • Zeta Potential Measurement;
  • Particle Morphology and Sizing by Polarised Might and Scanning Electron Microscopy;
  • Inverse Gas Chromatography for surface energy and surface area determination;
  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption;
  • Particle or True Density via Helium pycnometry;
  • Raman Microscopy (2-dimensional mapping capabilities for distribution and sizing applications).