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The Centre offers a wide array of microscopic techniques for interrogation of materials including pharmaceuticals (crystal morphology and amorphous materials), polymeric / nano-materials and biological samples.

  • Optical (Light) Microscopy:
    • Zeiss Axioplan polarised light microscope with Linkam hot stage.
  • Electron microscopy:
    • FEI Quanta400 environmental SEM (E-SEM) with Oxford IncaSight EDX;
    • FEI Technai G2 F20 TEM with EDX;
    • JEOL 1200 TEM.
  • Confocal Microscopy:
    • Zeiss LSM510 confocal fluorescence microscope with environmental chamber and 350, 488, 543 and 633 nm lasers;
    • Nikon TE2000 confocal fluorescence microscope with environmental chamber and 405, 488 and 543 nm lasers;
    • Nikon TE2000 equipped with MMI laser dissection set up.
SEM Laboratory

FEI Quanta 400 E-SEM with Oxford EDX