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Particle Size Reduction

Particle size reduction provides a number of attractions to the pharmaceutical formulator for the enhanced delivery of drugs with low aqueous solubility, primarily it markedly increases in surface area to volume ratio.

  • Small Scale Micronisation- CPES offers lab scale micronisation minimum requirement c.2g.
  • Nanocrystal-processing- Wet Bead Milling or High Pressure Homogenisation; Preparation of liquid /solid dosage forms of crystalline nanoparticulate suspensions/solids.

CPES can offer access to proven, cost effective, rapid and consistent particle size reduction technology that has been shown to produce crystalline nanoparticles (in the range 200-400nm) in aqueous suspension. Controlled stability studies have proven that the suspensions are stable over a period of 6 months. The nanoparticles have successfully been incorporated into solid dosage forms to provide enhanced in-vivo dissolution and absorption for drugs with low aqueous solubility.

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