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Co-Crystal Screening, Characterisation and Scale-up

Identification of the optimized solid form of an API, was previously restricted to the free active or it’s salts. However, today we can add the option of co-crystals which is a form that consists of two or more components that are solid at room temperature but different from salts in that no proton is transferred from the acidic to the basic functionality.

Co-crystals have different physico-chemical properties than the free active or salt, such as dissolution rate, solubility, melting point, chemical stability and hygroscopicity, and hence can exhibit more desirable critical quality attributes. 

We have vast knowledge and experience in the discovery of co-crystals and can screen co-formers to identify potential co-crystals via a number of methods, many of which we can perform at a larger scale.

Following co-crystal identification, our team can characterise and determine its physico-chemical properties identifying the benefits over the free drug or salts.

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