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Research Centres

Our focus is on conducting interdisciplinary research with impact and relevance, engaging with world-class researchers across the University and through national and global research collaborations. We also aim to ensure that our teaching is research informed based around four subject areas:

  • Accounting, Finance & Technology

  • Business Analytics, Circular Economy & Supply Chain

  • International Business, Marketing & Branding

  • People, Organisation & Entrepreneurship

Accounting, Finance & Economics

Our Accounting, Finance and Economics Research Centre has strong international links, and a global research focus on developed and emerging economies. Research undertaken by the group is shared to practitioners through teaching seminars and executive education.

Our research interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Econometric modelling

  • Sustainable market

  • Sustainable economy/employment

  • Accountability for Healthcare

Business Analytics, Circular Economy & Supply Chain

The Business Analytics, Circular Economy and Supply Chain (BACES) aim is to develop and disseminate world-class research and best practices in the area of business analytics, circular economy and supply chain by bringing together interdisciplinary academic and industrial team.

Our core strengths are reflected through the name of our interdisciplinary Research Centre, which encompass key yet interconnected areas, which have potential to significantly impact and benefit one other. The increasing and pervasive nature of Business Analytics has significant potential for all types of organisations, across various sectors. The BACES team are actively researching in this area to better understand the opportunities and challenges presented by this growing phenomenon for both public and private sector organisations.  Particularly as the use of analytics is of growing importance for a Circular Economy in which re-use, repair and recycling decisions are increasingly driven through the effective use of data.

While Circular Economy practices requires the redesigning of products, process and business models, there is also a need to rethink Supply Chains for circular economies. The complexities associated with circular economy practices demands the need for better collaboration and data sharing within Supply chain networks. Therefore, Business Analytics plays a fundamental role in connecting the Supply Chain and supporting a successful Circular Economy. Our research promotes an understanding of how these key areas connect and can transform both private and public sector organisations. 

Accordingly, our core themes and members’ broad areas of expertise and interests are as follows:

  • Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Circular Economy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Management
  • Public Sector Transformation and Digital Governance

International Business, Marketing & Branding

We bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers, working across a diverse set of disciplines (including economics, psychology, sociology and cultural studies) and engaging in a wide range of quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research. The Centre offers sustained, critical inquiry into the areas of international business, marketing and branding.

IBMB members are particularly active in the following areas:

  • Impact of foreign direct investment and international trading
  • Internationalisation and International Joint-Venture
  • Regional development and integration (Europe, Africa and Asia)
  • Branding, social networking and value creation
  • Digital marketing 
  • Ethics, corporate social responsibility and responsible management education

People, Organisation & Entrepreneurship

The research centre brings together expertise in Management and Organisation Studies and Entrepreneurship, connecting with the University’s Sustainable Societies research theme.

Current areas of research expertise include:

  • Sustainability and Ethics

  • Socially Responsible Work

  • Diversity and Equality