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Research for positive change

Shaping sustainable future societies

At the School of Management we have aligned our research strategy with our core mission of developing a thriving, inclusive and socially-engaged community through responsible management education and research.  

We aspire to lead and collaborate on world-class research, which is academically rigorous, innovative and applicable whilst focusing on producing research that is also ethical, sustainable and can make a positive societal impact.  

In order to do so we have developed an interdisciplinary, cross-cutting and collaborative approach to our research and have developed three academic departments and four research clusters which enable us to do this.

We draw on a wealth of international connections but also build on a strong heritage of local civic engagement which enables us to think globally and act locally in our academic and practice-orientated research initiatives.

Our research clusters were launched in April 2024 during our 60th Anniversary Celebrations as we looked back on the heritage we left behind but also to the future aspirations for the School of Management.

Bright Building

Our academic departments

Our academic departments are inclusive and active, encouraging interdisciplinarity, and collaboration with members of the School and other researchers across the University.

Each of our departments bring together an expert team aiming to:

  • produce and participate in academic and practice orientated research
  • inform our pedagogical development
  • ensure our teaching programmes remain innovative and relevant

Our research clusters

Launched in 2024 the School of Management research clusters aim to bring together researchers from across the School, Faculty and a wider community to focus interdisciplinary expertise on responsible management research.

The School of Management has four research clusters in which our academics and wider communities will be working in a connected manner to ensure our research has a high impact.

Products of our clusters will help to inform future activities and teaching at the School of Management and influence the work of our academic departments.