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Mission and Vision

Our purpose, intentions and goals

The School of Management has outlined an ambitious Mission and Vision Statement. This sets out our aspiration to use our responsible management education, research and partnerships to empower inclusive and socially engaged communities locally, nationally and globally.

Our Mission

To develop a thriving, inclusive and socially-engaged community through responsible management education and research.

Our Vision

To empower and provide inclusive opportunities which enable people to make a difference to community.

Our Pillars


People are our greatest asset. We will harness the ability and power of staff, students, alumni and stakeholders to deliver our objectives.


We are the centre of a great, passionate and diverse city. We will play a crucial role in placemaking for Bradford and the wider region.


We will create a confident, high-performance culture that recognises and celebrates excellence and success, and which supports our people to deliver our strategic objectives.

Our Values


Excellence is at the heart of everything we do.


Diversity is a source of strength and must be understood, valued, supported and leveraged.


We give invention light and celebrate creativity and innovation.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships, underpinned by integrity in all we do.