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Business and community

Working collaboratively

We’ve worked collaboratively with businesses and organisations for over 50 years and we’ve gained invaluable insights into some of the key challenges you face and the best ways we can work with you to address them.   

The School of Management has strong industry experience, a great reputation for applied business research and delivers research-led business education. This helps us build mutually beneficial relationships for the School of Management and for the businesses and organisations we collaborate with.

We have welcomed more than 10,000 businesses to the School of Management over the last 20 years. Connecting with us makes you part of a growing community of business and community organisations, academics, researchers, graduates & entrepreneurs on your doorstep and around the world.

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How we can work with you

Our collaborations can apply our research to your business and provide solutions to the challenges you may face. We also help develop community and alumni organisations in the regional and global business environment. Through our work we can inform and influence the academic and professional development of graduates to ensure they become employees of choice.

We have a range of schemes, projects, networks and more which enable you to get involved in the work we do and help to contribute to success for the University, community, businesses, students and graduates. Find out more about how we can work with you below.

Innovation is also core to our values so if you have new ideas then feel free to get in touch and create your own bespoke pathways allowing you to collaborate in your own way.

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Proud to be part of elite group of just 1% of business schools worldwide with the triple-crown.

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Small Business Charter

The Small Business Charter recognises business schools playing an effective role in supporting small businesses, local economies and student entrepreneurship. The accreditation showcases the quality of our engagement within the business community, especially in our interaction with SMEs. 

The School of Management was awarded the accreditation in part due to the support we provide local businesses through activities such as the Knowledge Transfer Network. This has since led to us taking part in delivering the Help to Grow Management programme to SMEs in the West Yorkshire region in association with the Small Business Charter.

Responsible Management Podcast

In 2023 the School of Management released the Responsible Management Podcast as a part of the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Each month Professor David Spicer is joined by an academic and industry expert to discuss key themes of responsible management in modern business.

The podcast aims to bring day-to-day business topics to you to help your business understand and overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities.

Find out more about the podcast via the link above including episode details and links to listen.

Our business engagement team

Our facilities

Consultancy Clinic

The Consultancy Clinic is the School of Management's latest innovative idea which aims to bring local businesses and students together to collaborate for mutually beneficial results. 

The clinic aims to bring in consultancy projects from local businesses who are looking for specialised consultants to provide work and answers to their burning questions. Businesses will submit a project proposal to the School which will then be reviewed and passed onto students who will work through the project with the support of one of our in-house expert academics.

Our students get the experience of working on a real business case and offering their support to help provide output and answers to your businesses project proposals. They get to apply their learning and use the opportunity to build up confidence and gain the real world experience that is so key to taking our graduates to the next level.

If you have a project proposal you would like to make further enquiries or submit a project proposal to the Consultancy Clinic then please email us at

Get in touch

If you want to join our network, make further enquiries or create your own bespoke pathway then contact us.