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Our relationships

One of our key focuses within Business & Community Engagement is building lasting relationships within our community. We have developed bonds with a wide variety of businesses, organisations and individuals which enhance not just the work we do but our student experience and network offerings.

Established networks

Over a number of decades we have worked hard to build established networks. These relationships support us in delivering a diverse programme to our students and businesses. Each of our relationships have helped us by supporting our events, delivering sessions, presenting workshops to our network, and by providing us with the resources to expand our delivery.

We value all of our collaborations as they add value to what we deliver to our students. The businesses we engage with offer their own expertise and professional perspective on what we do. They allow us to expand our network and offer more to our local communities. They also improve the student experience and allow us to continually develop programmes, deliver events and to be innovative.

The case studies below showcase just a few of the many relationships we have that help us to support our networks.

School of Management Bright Building

Continued innovation

The School of Management also continues to work with local organisations which help to inspire our students and communities. We're passionate to deliver the best for our local community. Through our shared goals, we continue to collaborate with industry and build on their successes. Our community drives the work we do whilst giving us access to their networks.

We have collaborated with Bradford Council to deliver sessions during the International Masters Summer School, and by Mercy Mission and the National Zakat Foundation for our ASEP (Accelerated Student Entrepreneurship Programme) to support refugee entrepreneurs.

Open Innovation also continues to deliver work to our students and provide support to entrepreneur's and businesses in the region by offering collaborative work spaces and mentoring opportunities.

Bright Building in summertime shot from outside

Drive and passion

Over the years we have seen a variety of relationships blossom with individuals who continue to support the School of Management. We develop and sustain personal relationships with alumni, academics, and other valued community members.

We regularly work with Alumni of the University who help to deliver key note speeches and events to our networks and students such as Kevin Gaskell who helped to deliver the International Guest Speaker Series and engaged with our Knowledge Transfer Network podcast series.

We continue to collaborate with valued individuals such as Lorraine Lucas, Paul Donovan and others who continue to sponsor valued graduation prizes such as the Lucas Prizes, MBA Prizes or Hannah Collins Memorial Book Prize. 

Each of these individuals has provided the University with years of passion, drive and inspiration to those around them and that's why our individual relationships are so important to us.

Female attending Alumni Networking event

How you can get involved

At the University of Bradford School of Management, we have a range of programmes, events and schemes available for you to get involved. Each of these offer you a unique experience in contributing to our student experience or to our business and community networks.

You could get involved in session delivery, whether you want to join us and support an event such as the Entrepreneurship Festival or Career Booster or take the time to help deliver our curriculum by providing real life examples.

We also have mentoring programmes available across a range of activities. Whether you want to connect with students to provide professional advice and career guidance, or be involved in our community work helping to mentor businesses on the Help to Grow programme.

Get involved with our Knowledge Transfer Network either by joining the network and becoming a regular leader in the community or helping to deliver sessions to our established networks.

Support our placement programmes delivered to our students which give them the chance to build valuable experience through year long placements, summer internships or set hours. 

For more information on how you can contribute to our work explore the rest of the website and the opportunities available to you across Career Booster, KTN, Help to Grow, Entrepreneurship and Student Experience.

Get in touch

If you are interested in creating a partnership, developing a relationship or joining our network then please reach out to us by emailing