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Working with the community

The School of Management has an open door policy when supporting our local communities. The vision is to enrich people's lives in Bradford and surrounding areas by providing accessible learning opportunities to our local community. We work with Bradford charities, community groups, faith groups, voluntary organisations and parents' groups and organisations to help deliver this.

Our community programmes act as a facilitator for delivering our work to the community and providing opportunities for all. Our Faculty Community Fellows help to support our engagement by working with students and staff in community.

Faculty Community Fellows

Our Faculty Community Fellows are ambassadors for the passion we have for the local community. They play a role in inspiring our students and staff, engaging within the community and supporting the development of the City and University.

Working with faculty members they help to develop sustainable collaborations with the local community (non-profit, local government, businesses, etc) aiming for mutually beneficial outcomes. They aim to educate and inspire the local community about the work undertaken at the University of Bradford with a focus on the Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences and the business and community engagement team.

Supporting West Yorkshire Scouts

Over a number of years Elaine Dean (Business Engagement Manager) and David Spicer (Director of Business Engagement) have had a close personal relationship with the West Yorkshire Scouts. This has developed into them collaborating with the scouts to offer support for events over the last 2 years to help the scouts to continue to deliver their ethos to local communities and young people.

The relationship was built around the University vision for inclusion, community impact and the aim of preparing young people for life - something that Ian Womersley (West Yorkshire Scouts Commissioner) believed matched up perfectly with the Scouting strategy and vision. The relationship aimed to provide unique and interesting skills for life for young people within the scouts.

There was also a shared vision to improve local communities by helping to create greater integration no matter faith, background, race or abilities. In return the University continues to showcase to young people across scouting that University life and further education has strong advantages.

West Yorkshire Scouts Logo

I always enjoy working with academia as it really gives you a different perspective and makes you consider the bigger picture. The University team have have been so welcoming, enthusiastic and supportive throughout the relationship.

Ian Womersley, West Yorkshire Scouts Commisioner

Shared passion for local communities

Early on the University and Scouts found it difficult to identify real tangible opportunities but a continued belief of it being the right thing to do drove the collaboration forward. This shared passion has since bloomed in the last couple of years and both parties know that there is a bright future for the collaboration with more big ideas and plans being developed.

The University has offered support in delivering Badge Days to young people within the scouts with staff, students and lecturers all being involved in delivering the events on the City Campus. The latest international badge day was fully booked within 24 hours which Ian believes showcases the quality of the offerings from the relationship.

After the pandemic the University hosted the West Yorkshire Scout conference which provided a great kick start to the Scouts after the post pandemic world. The conference included sessions to help volunteers develop the skills required to provide the best futures for the young people within the scouts. 

Ian has also seen an environmental impact for the scouts as they continue to reduce their carbon footprint. This helps the scouts to focus and deliver on their vision of protecting the planet.

In the future the team hope to continue the development of on campus events and Scout activity support with an extended reach within the local community.

Community Career Booster Programme

Community Career Booster offers access to 1 to 2 day courses which are available at zero cost. Upon completion of the course each participant will receive a University of Bradford Certificate of Learning.

We have previously delivered courses including SAS, Amazon Cloud, SAGE 50, Microsoft Office and mental-health and wellbeing which have been supported, endorsed and delivered by our partners and academics.

Lecturer delivering Knowledge Transfer Network Session

Join our community support programme

If you share a passion for the city of Bradford then you can get involved in shaping and influencing the work we do. You can email us to register your interest in supporting the local community in collaboration with the University of Bradford