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Working with our students

One of the key opportunities that arises with our business engagement is that you will have access to working with our students. Through a range of differing channels you will be able to access a large pool of talent that you can collaborate with in an effort to advance your business and develop our students.

Whether you want to deliver teaching to our students, contribute to the student experience, access the graduate recruitment channels, utilise our placements and internships or get assistance on your ongoing projects the School of Management is able to assist.

Careers & recruitment

One of the key offerings that can benefit you is the opportunity to access a large recruitment pool by utilising our current students and graduates. Careers & Employability can assist you in create a link with the University of Bradford where you can advertise your open vacancies, reach out to placement students, hire our graduates and put on short-term internships in times of demand.

The School of Management prides itself on providing the highest level of teaching to our students. Our awards and accreditations showcase the quality of what we deliver to our students the impact this has on the quality of their education. 

Once our students are working they will be able to offer their in-depth knowledge and accredited learning to the workplace and utilise their expertise to help your business meet your goals. By providing our students with the chance to gain experience and apply their practical skills in the workplace.

Whether you want to have first choice of our high quality graduates or access to ongoing learners who can apply what they've learned over a shorter term through placements and internships we have something that will suit you.

Our offerings include:

  • Work experience schemes with our students
  • Graduate employment
  • Networking events & careers fairs
  • Placements & internships

Find out more

If you want to find out more information about how our careers and recruitment team can provide you with access to our expert School of Management students and graduates then follow the link below.

Bradford Business Challenge

Bradford Business Challenge is a three-way collaborative partnership programme between the School of Management at University of Bradford, final year business and management undergraduate students, and local organisations.

The programme supports University of Bradford’s ethos of being a ‘civic university’ with ethics, sustainability and responsible management at the heart of its action.

It's an initiative that actively demonstrates the School of Management’s award-winning commitment to making an impact on the local community and economy in Bradford, while preparing its graduates to the world of work through dealing with real-world problems.

Find out more about the Bradford Business Challenge here.

Group meeting around computer

Get involved in teaching

Our students thrive when given the opportunity to access real life teaching throughout their course. As an organisation you'll have access to experience and knowledge which can only be gained through working in your industry.

One of the key ways that you can work with our students is by offering your experience and expertise to our students through various modes of teaching. 

Do you want to deliver a one-off workshop where you discuss the industry you work in, accessing recruitment and making the most of each students employability skills?

Do you want to offer students mock interview and assessment centre modules where they can gain professional interview and recruitment experience via your mock experience?

Or do you want to be the next business to offer your input into our teaching curriculum so students get real life knowledge and experience from local, regional or national businesses?

If you're interested in delivering sessions to our students then please contact us at

Students in Lecture


In the School of Management we have a range of programmes and events designed to assist the entrepreneurial mind. Our Entrepreneurship Festival in June, 2022 was the highlight of this showcasing the teaching, network and experience that we can offer to our students.

If you want to get involved in future entrepreneurial activities then reach out to us at

We also offer programmes to the businesses we work with and our graduates. Our Accelerated Student Entrepreneurship Programmes (ASEP) offers a range of workshops to help develop your entrepreneurial skillsets. We also offer start-up entrepreneurial programmes to our graduates to assist them with the creation of their businesses which gives you access to a network of newly established businesses.

See more information on our Entrepreneurship efforts here.

Entrepreneur being mentored

Career Booster

Our Career Booster Programme is a distinctive and uniquely valuable resource available to all students in the Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences.

The skills-based content in Career Booster is targeted directly to the evolving needs of employers with the aim of responding to a national skills gap which employers are seeking in their graduates.

As a business you can get involved in our Career Booster week by delivering sessions to our students. Whether you want to deliver recruitment, technical or knowledge based sessions there are a range of options for you to join the network and help to develop our current students into graduates who are ready to take the next step in an evolving market.

Find more information on our Career Booster page.

Student participating in career booster group activity

Contribute to our student and network experience

At the School of Management our options are always open as we look towards new and innovative ways to improve our student experience and utilise the business networks we have spent so many years nurturing. 

Over the coming academic year we will be implementing a range of new events and programmes for our students and business networks.

For businesses, our KTN podcast will explore responsible management and offer an easy to access resource for business learning whilst the Annual Management Lecture offers the headline event of the KTN series with a day of speakers, networking and teaching available to our business networks.

Our International Guest Speaker Series is one of the highlights of our upcoming year for School of Management students. The new platform will see University of Bradford graduates deliver sessions on their industries and topics of international significance. Each session will allow students to witness how important their studies are as they see what our graduates have done after leaving the University of Bradford.

Alternatively we are always open to new ideas as we continue to develop and innovate our programmes on offer to students and our business networks. If you have an idea for something new to offer to our students or business networks then reach out to us to discuss your thoughts at