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Will Green

Executive MBA (part-time)

  • Senior National Account Manager at Procter & Gamble (P&G)
  • Completed an MBA to add breadth to his business knowledge
  • Manages the commercial relationship with Asda for P&G's laundry business
Will Green, Executive MBA (part-time)

My current role

"I manage the commercial relationship with Asda for P&G’s laundry business. The number one objective is growing profitable category sales for Asda and then growing P&G’s laundry brands - Ariel, Fairy, Bold, Lenor and Daz.

"The best aspect of my job is that it is a hugely varied role, from managing new product launches to Asda brand plans, to supply - whilst finding synergies with Asda and P&G’s commercial strategies.

"P&G have many different roles on offer, working in various areas and on a range projects."

Ever since I started in FMCG in 2008, I wanted my career to be in this industry and I have been at P&G since 2015. P&G was used as a case study in at least two of the modules at Bradford, so I jumped at the chance to join them whilst I completed the MBA.

Reaping the rewards

"The most rewarding part of my job is coaching and developing others as well as seeing an initial idea come to life in-store or online after months of planning. Initiatives are regularly updated on Asda's website.

"I have had several mentors and colleagues who have helped shape and guide my career from my early career at Molson Coors to current mentors in P&G. I am a true believer that you learn from everyone you meet, so ask questions and listen! You can sometimes learn as much from an intern as a CEO.

"2020 has obviously been a challenging year from stockpiling (managing supply), to lockdown (adapting in-store activity and working from home).

"However, it has taught me to stay true to the joint ambition and strategy I have with Asda and we have worked through all the obstacles together."

Will Green, Executive MBA (part-time)

The 'triple-crown' accreditation that Bradford has and the structure of the modules were the two factors that made me choose Bradford.

Studying an MBA

"I decided to embark on the Executive MBA at Bradford in 2013 and graduated in 2016. I wanted to complete a part-time MBA to add a breadth to my business knowledge. 

"Studying while working was challenging but it meant I could quickly apply my learnings to real life. My boss at the time used to enjoy me completing a module and telling him what I’d learnt and how we could apply that to any current challenges we were facing!

"The best part of the study was the diversity of my cohort. I learnt so much from people in different industries, both in the public and private sector, and in different stages of their career. For me, someone who was one of the youngest in the group, learning from CEO’s and Directors was invaluable.

"The teaching content was exceptional, particularly Business Strategy & Marketing. I still regularly use and refer back to my notes."