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Mohsan Ali

MBA Distance Learning, 2021

  • Cyber Security Sales Specialist at Cisco
  • New Alumnus

Why did you choose Bradford?

I chose Bradford School of Management based on the financial times ranking and value for money. My experience was great as I got to learn the fundamentals of business within a deeper context and at a higher level. I used the MBA programme as a platform to get a role within a Fortune 500 company and set myself up for finding leadership roles in the future as career progression.

I also chose an MBA at Bradford because of the triple crown accreditation that is globally recognised amongst the rankings and completed my course in 2 years via distance learning.

Mohsan Ali in Graduation Cap and Gown

What is your favourite memory of being at Bradford?

My favourite memory was the induction and completing the fun activities with peers which helped me get to know my classmates. I did not attend any in person events, this was due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I did attend a few online sporting events set up by the student union which was fun. Biggest self-growth for me was learning from my module tutors during seminars and after receiving feedback on my assignments which assisted in improving my writing skills.

What was your approach to finding work? And was it difficult to find the ideal job post-graduation?

I have always wanted to be in the technology industry as I began my career here when I was 17 years of age. Working multiple roles whilst studying has geared me up to advance my career to where it is today. My approach was to build on my 18-year professional experience by combing an MBA programme to fast pace my career. Finding a role has been the hardest thing as I made hundreds of applications and never hearing back from many of them. However, I utilised CV writing service with the careers team at Bradford, researched companies online about what they look for and began using LinkedIn to network with people who are in similar roles.

What are you doing now?

My new job involves working with commercial organisations on their networking/security digital transformation strategies. I assist with building proposals alongside our partners and in closing multi-million-pound contracts. I have always sold within all aspects of technology, but my favourite is networking and security as some of my biggest wins have been in these areas. I am hoping to grow within Cisco and move into a EMEA management role within a few years.

We would like to thank Mohsan for volunteering to give a talk at our recent London alumni event. We welcome contributions from our alumni to these events, whether through giving talks, networking or even helping to organise one. If anyone would like to know more about how they can take part or to find a group in their area they can email us at’

Laura Walsh, International Alumni Officer