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Efstathios Vassiliadis 

MBA, 2011 

  • Chief Executive Officer at Evnia Group 
  • Chief Executive Officer at OARK 
Portrait image of alum Efstathios Vassiliadis, MBA, 2011

Journey to Bradford 

"I decided to study at Bradford as it had one of the top three best remote programmes, it was far ahead of any other university in that respect. This, together with its great reputation and full MBA accreditation was a holy trinity of criteria to look for. 

"My favourite memory during my studies was the joined assignments with classmates, which provided an invaluable lesson and opportunity to understand each other's views and unite those into a coherent narrative with an academic merit."

It is a privilege and an honour to be an alumnus, and part of a community of knowledge and responsibility which creates value in society.

Career journey 

"While I was completing my MBA, I was also doing a PhD at the same time, and a full-time job. The years were quite overloaded, yet they were full of knowledge and tangible experiences. My reflection is while in the university environment, one learns how to synthesise knowledge in a meaningful manner. In the industry, the value of decision-making through data analysis was invaluable in my scientific and medical career. 

"After several years in Pharma and Biotech, it was obvious to me that I had to create an organisation that fully reflects the duality of my own experience in science and business. From there, it was a focused and successful journey of personal and professional growth."

Working in the industry 

"Working in the medical biotechnology industry is one of the few professions where one becomes smarter while getting older. Each work day is different and there are different tasks and challenges, this allows you to grow on multiple dimensions and rarely get jaded." 

What do you want to achieve with the Evnia Group? 

"I want the Evnia Group to become the reference point in terms of knowledge and execution in the field of clinical data (real world evidence) in our industry due to our holistic and unique approach to data acquisition. For us to keep innovating new processes and approaches towards meeting the strictest clinical performance and safety requirements. Our future is one of integrated clinical practice with clinical data creation in real-time and in an affordable and sustainable manner."  

My advice 

"My advice is to ensure that you are enriching your academic journey with actual work in the field in order to identify early which area interests you most, and to attach yourself as close as you can to people who care and love what they do. Stay away from opportunities that are there 'just for salary' as it may end up being the place where one loses its own drive and will to create and develop."