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Llandis Barratt-Pugh

  • BTECH Textile Science and Technology, 1973 
  • Diploma Business Administration, 1975
  • Professor, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia

Experience at Bradford

"My favourite memory of Bradford is taking a series of photos of David Hockey when he was given an honorary Doctorate and having the final work hung in the National Film and Photography Museum. Being part of the organisation that brought John Mayall, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, America, Cpt Beefheart and Sweet was special to me.

"My industrial year in Israel was amazing during my time at the University. I learned much about relationships with the girls of MM training college.

"I also scored a hat trick for the University's hockey team."

A portrait image of Llandis Barratt-Pugh during his studies at the University of Bradford

Llandis during his studies at the University of Bradford.

I wanted to study textile design and then study a postgraduate management degree at the University of Bradford. I then went into a management role, successfully gaining two National Training awards.

My Career

"After completing my studies, I became a Personnel Officer, then I progressed into an IT Manager and then a General Manager. I also worked as a delivery driver for nine months while making 60 applications for my first professional job. My experience also includes working in factories and building sites. 

"I emigrated to Australia and became a Management Lecturer and Researcher as Associate Dean of Research. I then became Professor at the University of Western Australia, which is a top 100 global University. 

"My management degree underpinned all my industrial management roles and my lecturing and research career. I retired four years ago, but I continue to research, mentor academics and publish papers."


A portrait image of alumnus Llandis Barratt-Pugh (B.Tech Physical Sciences and Design, Graduate Diploma Business Administration, 1975)

I sailed during my time at Bradford University and I now sail two boats in the ocean. I began playing guitar and now have a home studio. I also met my wife at the University of Bradford and we have been together for 48 years.