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MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Uzoma travelled from Nigeria to the University of Bradford to study MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, in what he describes as "a mid-life career switch".

This is Uzoma’s story.

High aspirations

“I was a civil servant in Nigeria.”

"But I found myself wanting more. I wanted a career that would make me relevant, I wanted to be where the action was! 

"I did a lot of research and found out just how much artificial intelligence was transforming the world we know and live in, and I could clearly see that people with skills in these areas were high in demand. While I didn’t have any qualifications in AI, I decided this was the path for me."

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No maths? No problem

“I don't have a tech background.”

"I didn’t have a qualification in AI or data analytics, so I knew I needed to go back and educate myself. I was prepared to relocate and found that the University of Bradford offered a conversion programme to people like me who didn’t have any qualifications in AI or data.

"The course is specially packaged for people from all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have technical skills or knowledge, and it came with an option to get industry experience through work placements. The fact that I could study applied artificial intelligence and data analytics all in one go, without any previous tech skills, was very exciting to me."

The risks and rewards

"I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way."

"I moved my family to the UK to do this course and that came with its challenges. The schools were completely different from what my children were used to, my wife had to find work. It took a while to adapt, but I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way and it’s paid off. 

"Studying at Bradford was an absolutely rewarding experience. The modules are carefully chosen and developed; you get to work on valuable practical assignments. Not only do you gain advanced technical knowledge, but you learn how to apply the knowledge and skills in real business and industry situations.

"The tutors are absolutely amazing, they have an excellent way of imparting knowledge, striking the right balance to meet the needs of some in the class who had tech backgrounds, and people like me who didn’t. I got to know my way around fundamental and in-demand analytics tools like Python, R, and SAS Analytics."

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I find real-life practical value from the knowledge I gained from Bradford every single day of my career, and it's made it possible for me to get a job in the first place.

My career journey

"I now work at the City of Bradford District Council as a data analyst."

"I received a lot of support from the Careers team at the University, who signposted me to this role on the job board and helped me prepare for my interview. They gave me a shot of confidence. I’d highly recommend using the Careers services, especially if you are an international student.

"I got this exciting role in October 2022, and the first three months served as my work placement on the MSc programme. I work full-time, supporting on data analytics and intelligence for the Local Authority and regional partnerships.

"I work with the Policy, Performance, Partnerships and Research Department which sits in the Office of the Chief Exec. I'm also a member of the Council’s Data and Intelligence Governance Steering Group, which is responsible in providing governance, supporting transformation, and ensuring data driven decision-making across the Council.

"I’ve been fortunate to work on several significant data analytics projects to support decision-making around the safeguarding of adults, promoting safer communities, and monitoring of equalities, diversity, and inclusion across the entire District.

"I’ve also worked on the Council’s culture project which would measure the performance of Bradford’s City of Culture 2025 and other cultural programmes of the Council’s culture partnerships. 

"I apply the technical knowledge I gained from my course every single day in my job as a data analyst. I use the analysis tools I learned and used at the University of Bradford, which give me the ability and credibility. With these tools, I am able to make sense of huge amounts of data from myriads of sources and in multiple formats."

Destined for success

"It's so crucial to have these skills."

"I now have a unique set of skills that is high in demand. As well as the technical knowledge, I have also gained vital soft skills that employers are looking for and industry experience that will accelerate my new career.

"I am confident that I can grow my career, work on even bigger projects at the Council and become a data analyst of reckoning."


Any advice?

"Dig deeper to broaden your horizons."

"My advice to anyone starting out in the field is to look for non-obvious insights from your data! It’s like being a detective. Go beyond the surface of your data, that’s what really makes you a great analyst. 

"I am very grateful to the University of Bradford for all the opportunities this course has presented me with."

A student smiling at the camera

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