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Umair Aurangzeb

BEng Chemical Engineering and MSc Advanced Chemical and Petroleum Engineering graduate

  • Currently works as a Process Engineer at Turbine Surface Technologies Ltd
  • Studied at Bradford as it was a local university that offered a high-quality, accredited course
  • Began his career in the Netherlands after a lecturer helped him to secure a job as a Process Engineer
Umair Aurangzeb, BEng Chemical Engineering and MSc Advanced Chemical and Petroleum Engineering graduate

Continuing my studies

"I originally enrolled to study at the University of Bradford as an undergraduate in BEng Chemical Engineering after doing some research around different courses. I’ve always loved Formula One and engineering, so found this course to be a good option for me. I wanted to study at Bradford as I was local to the area, so it was convenient with my home life whilst offering a high-quality, accredited course.

"As the end of my undergraduate degree was nearing and I hadn’t yet secured a job, I was inspired to continue my studies when attending the graduation of my mum, who also had studied at Bradford. Watching fellow students graduate with a Master's got me thinking so I researched my options and applied for the MSc Advanced Chemical and Petroleum Engineering.

"This decision allowed me to work alongside one of my lecturers during the summer as an intern, gain some real-life work experience and continue my studies."

My decision to study a Masters at Bradford, combined with my internship, was invaluable for my career. Having the additional qualification and experience on my CV helped to gauge plenty of interest from recruiters, secured additional interviews and got me to where I am today at Turbine Surface Technologies Ltd.

Securing work

"It was actually one of my lecturers that helped me to secure my first job after completing my Master's. The University has great links with industry and I was informed that a Dutch company were on the hunt for a suitable candidate.

"After a successful interview process which included being flown out to Doetinchem, I moved to the Netherlands to begin my career as a Process Engineer upon completion of my MSc.

"I now work back in the UK at Turbine Surface Technologies Ltd, continuing my career as a Process Engineer.

"The company is a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Chromalloy and we are coating specialists for engine turbines.

"I am responsible for the technical elements of process control which includes ensuring the process parameters are correct, approved and adequately controlled within customer approved specification, carrying out and approving any improvements required to the processes and to continually improve our yield and get things right first time.

"The role is full-on as the plant has a 24-hour manufacturing capacity, so you have to be able to work flexibly and manage high levels of stress."