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Tom Ingall

Electronic Imaging and Media Communications (1991-1994)

  • Is currently a senior journalist, reporter, producer and presenter for BBC Look North
  • Has been working for the BBC for over 20 years
  • Chose Bradford because of the varied course content
Bradford Alumni, Tom Ingall reporting at the Torch relay, image taken by Ann Sedivy

Why did you choose to study at Bradford?

"It was the course. A friend at college showed me the prospectus and at the time I still wasn’t quite sure what part of the media industry I wanted to work in.

"The course was wide-ranging and offered the chance to learn a huge number of skills, rather than specialise. It was ideal for me and prepared me for getting into an industry that was fundamentally changing at the time – and of course, continues to evolve rapidly."

Getting involved

"I was very involved in the theatre group on campus. It fitted well with my course and was the centre of my social scene.

"Burning the candle at both ends, working hard and playing hard. It was an extraordinary time which I look back on very fondly."

Going to university totally changed my outlook on life and lifted my horizons. I went from a small town to a big city and met so many friends who I still keep in contact with today.

Working for the BBC

"I’m a senior journalist/reporter/producer and presenter for the BBC, based in Sheffield. It’s incredibly varied, and I love making and shaping TV.

"I work for Look North and am kept very busy, meeting people, visiting places and telling stories. I’ve also presented radio programmes, made documentaries for BBC4 and had so many exciting experiences.

"I fell into the reporting by accident – I had really just wanted to work in television. However, it fits me perfectly and I am lucky to feel so passionate about something more than a quarter of a century into a career."

Career highlights

"I’ve travelled the world, reported from some big events like the Oscars. I’ve had a chance to experience so many things first-hand, go behind the scenes at events and in industry.

"I’ve sailed on Navy ships, driven trains, had to run to catch planes and interviewed thousands of people.

"Every job has up days and down days – but I could fill several books with the exciting opportunities I’ve enjoyed."

Studying at Bradford was such a positive experience that helped shape me and my life. It was so much more than a degree or an education. I wouldn’t be me today – without me yesterday at Bradford!

Finding jobs in the industry

"It’s all about making contacts. Be interested and put the effort in.

"It’s very competitive and you need to be sure it’s for you. It will demand a lot of you and you’ve got to keep putting the work in all the way through your career. If you don’t do this getting through the door will be so much harder, if not impossible.

"I can’t stress enough how much you need to be making the effort. Don’t expect things to fall at your feet."

My advice

"My advice to anyone hoping to have a career in this industry would be to look for opportunities at every stage, long before university applications.

"Make contact with people, get work experience, get engaged and get passionate.

"Then get yourself an education which opens doors – and put the groundwork in to walk through them. Don’t expect things to fall into your lap. Keep working for them, keep chasing them and persist."

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