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Dr Kamran Mahroof

BSc (Hons) Marketing and PhD (Data Analytics)

  • Currently a Lecturer in Supply Chain Analytics at the University
  • Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Management and Business Analytics and BSc (Hons) Finance and Business Analytics
  • Outreach lead for School of Management
  • Enjoys being able to impact business and society through research
Kamran Mahroof

Current role

"I am currently a lecturer in Supply Chain Analytics as part of the Business Analytics, Circular Economy and Supply Chain Research Centre at the School of Management. I am also the programme leader for two of our recently launched undergraduate programmes; BSc (Hons) Management and Business Analytics and BSc (Hons) Finance and Business Analytics.

"There are many things which I thoroughly enjoy about my job, but the main highlight must be having the ability to impact businesses and society through our research, as well as the impact you can have on students. Being in a position where you can guide, mentor and are able to see individuals flourish and develop is very rewarding.

"The requirements of the job were to have a PhD and teaching experience at Higher Education Level. I found out about the opportunity through colleagues.

"My interest in business and technology grew particularly during my time at sixth form, where two of my core modules were Business Studies and IT.

"Fast forward a few years and having spent several years in industry, I was able to practically connect my academic knowledge to real business situations. I also recognised the disruptive nature of technology and the increasing disconnect between technology, people and organisations. Therefore, exploring technology such as data analytics for my PhD was certainly a wise choice."

Kamran Mahroof, Supply Chain Analytics Lecturer

You never forget the lecturer who went out of their way for you – that’s the kind of lecturer I’d like to be remembered as.

Coming back to Bradford

"It was obvious that if I was ever going to study a PhD, it would be at Bradford. Since graduating in 2010 from my undergraduate degree at the School of Management, I remained connected to the University in one way or another, having taken on tutoring and associate lecturing roles on a part-time basis, which developed a real passion for academia, teaching and also researching.

"Despite progressing in industry, I always aspired to study at postgraduate and particularly doctoral level, as it would provide me with the platform to make a transition into academia in the future. However, I decided to switch sooner than I expected!

"I always wanted to keep my options open and after graduating, I knew I would return at some point to pursue a postgraduate degree, because I saw that as development.

"Studying at postgraduate level helped me to get to where I am today. I had a plan prior to pursuing my PhD and Bradford allowed me to make it a reality."

Kamran Mahroof

Pursue postgraduate

"I would definitely advise students to pursue postgraduate study. Studying allows you to develop yourself, but I would certainly encourage some industrial work experience prior to studying a postgraduate degree as that really helps add value and consolidate your knowledge and skills.

"In this day and age, it’s all about skills. Therefore, I would recommend students who are interested in studying a business degree, to study a programme such as Management and Business Analytics, which helps develop both your knowledge and skills base, as the job landscape is now increasingly skills-oriented."

Bradford really is an excellent place to study - I wouldn’t have studied two degrees and also taken a job here if that wasn’t the case! It's a great city with lovely staff and an ambient campus.

Finding work

"After graduating from my undergraduate degree, I took on several roles such as Business Consultant, Project Management and most recently as a Logistics Business Improvement Coach at Morrisons Plc.

"My approach to finding work was to be tenacious, remain positive and not settle for less than what you deserve.

"I was very fortunate to work for the same company I was on work placement with during my undergraduate degree, therefore I found work immediately. However, I was also able to explore other options prior to taking on my PhD."

As a lecturer, I am constantly reading, researching and of course publishing research. Studying doesn’t stop for us!

Giving back

"I am a proud father and I am passionate about giving back to the community. I am currently engaged with a number of projects at Bradford, where I visit schools to motivate and inspire students, particularly students with behavioural issues.

"I also work closely with several charitable and community organisations, which operate out of the local mosques in Halifax.

"I love sports, especially cricket, and I try my best to stay fit. I am also a black belt in Taekwondo!"