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A student wearing a black graduation gown and black graduation cap smiles at the camera outside of a university building with overcast skies.

Jushak Rahman Chukkan

MBA (Executive in Dubai)

Jushak Rahman graduated with an MBA from the University of Bradford in 2022. He was promoted to the position of Chief Operations Officer of a massive precast construction firm in Abu Dhabi.

This is Jushak’s story.

I started by looking for a reputable university

“I studied my MBA from the University of Bradford in Dubai.”

"I started thinking about doing an MBA during the start of the Covid pandemic. I was doing well in my job at management level, but I wanted to use the extra time I found myself with to advance my career.

"I started searching for reputable MBAs at UK universities, ones that were Triple-Crown accredited, had a flexible learning delivery mode, and would allow me to remain at home in Abu Dhabi.

"Bradford had an excellent reputation and a campus in Dubai, so it was an easy choice to make.

"I started the MBA in 2020 and graduated in 2022 with a distinction."

A Master's took my career to the next level

“This course has enabled me to progress from a manager to senior leadership.”

"I’m an engineer by qualification and have relied on mainly technical skills to get ahead in my career so far. However, the MBA has armed me with advanced business knowledge and skills, and made me a much more rounded, strategic-level leader in business.

"I was an operations manager before, and a project manager before that. The whole idea of the MBA was to give me more critical and strategic-thinking knowledge and skills to make me a business leader."

A student wearing a grey suit jacket over a black shirt smiling at the camera

Extra support helped my studies whilst working full-time

“It was challenging but rewarding.”

"Returning to academia after a long break whilst juggling studies with working full-time was hard at the beginning.

"The MBA is an intense learning programme as it’s essentially five years of knowledge condensed into a two-year course, but it’s absolutely worth it.

"It was challenging balancing work, studying, and family/social life, but I had excellent support from the tutors at Bradford and my peers on the course, as well as a mentor who guided me through those two years.

"I had to prioritise. There were always recordings of classes online, so that allowed some flexibility if I ever had to miss campus classes."

I’d recommend the MBA at Bradford to anyone wanting to reach senior leadership roles. It’s a challenge, and you have to put in the work, but it’s worth it.

My MBA adds real value

“The MBA has accelerated my career.”

"I’m mid-career so that’s very valuable. After the MBA, I was given more authority and promoted to Chief Operating Officer at my firm, where we employ over 2,000 people.

"I have a 360 degree overview of the business – covering everything from accounting and finance to HR and marketing.

"The MBA has armed me with advanced business knowledge and skills, and made me a much more rounded, strategic-level leader in business."

A student wearing a navy blue suit jacket over a white shirt smiling at the camera

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