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Jordan Dinchev

MA Digital Filmmaking

  • Currently a Video Editor at Limehouse Films, an award-winning production agency
  • Secured the role after being recommended to the company by his lecturer
  • The facilities on offer at the University of Bradford helped him throughout his degree
Jordan Dinchev, MA Digital Filmmaking

My current role

"As a Video Editor it is my responsibility to create a cohesive narrative from footage and work towards the clients vision. I also do the audio mastering, the colour grading, visual effects and graphics in my projects.

"There are many pros of being a Video Editor. It is a unique art form that combines visual and narrative storytelling and the limit is your imagination. With modern non-linear editing, experimentation and possibilities are endless, so every project is driven by your creativity. Seeing people enjoying the final product can be extremely satisfying, each job can be different, and you get to work with a wide range of creative people.

"The downside of being an Editor is that it can be a difficult career path if you are not passionate about it. Before it becomes a career it must be a lifestyle, and it takes hundreds of hours of practice to reach a professional level. Also, Vitamin D deficiency!

"The requirements for my current job were to work efficiently so we can reach tight deadlines without losing quality. Although, my belief is that the most important skill for any Video Editor is to have a good understanding of storytelling.

"I was recommended to my current company by my lecturer in Video Editing at University of Bradford. They booked me as a freelancer and after a couple of months I got offered a full time position."

Jordan Dinchev, MA Digital Filmmaking sat at his desk at work.

One of my favourite projects was a video for Lloyds Banking Group about mental health. It had a very nice story with a great message. It was shot in a documentary style and had good direction and cinematography. I am most proud of my first project for Nestlé. It was about their renewable energy plan and had amazing shots. It was one of my larger projects and was well received by the client.

Choosing Bradford

"The MA Digital Filmmaking programme was perfect for me because it was heavily focused on practice in every step of film production. I got to try everything; storyboarding, directing, filming and editing. That was why I chose the University of Bradford for postgraduate study and I'm glad I did.

"I already had a film education from my BA and I was looking for the right programme that would take me to that next level and the University of Bradford was in my top choices because of this course. A dream of mine was also to continue my education abroad.

"The facilities were impressive, with a photo studio, 3D tracking studio, many computer labs, an amazing library and a TV studio. I am glad I was able to use all of these facilities during my degree and that definitely helped me pass my exams with flying colours."

Studying in Bradford was great. There was so many friendly and helpful lecturers, and I was looking forward to each class. I still keep in touch with some of them to this day.

Giving me experience

"Whilst studying at Bradford, I started editing for the Working Academy and one of my first projects in the UK was for the NHS, which was very exciting for me.

"I did some filming for the Human Relief Foundation about their work with refugees, which was offered to me by one of my lecturers. For my final project I filmed a short documentary for Choices 4 All. There were so many possibilities for me to find projects and work on my skills, so when I graduated it was an easy transition towards my current career path.

"My advice for current students is to use the facilities to the fullest, join the societies you find interesting and don’t shy away from opportunities. For anyone considering postgraduate studies at Bradford - do it. You won’t regret it."

Jordan Dinchev, MA Digital Filmmaking - working on a project

Jordan working on a set during his time at the University of Bradford.

Finding work

"I was looking for a job in the media sector that would match my skills and experience. My approach was to use the network I established while studying at Bradford. A couple of months after graduation, I started freelancing as an Assistant Editor for one of my former lecturers.

"I was then recommended by him to Limehouse Films, where I currently work as a full time Video Editor. Networking was extremely important for me, and it is something that everyone on this career path should focus on as much as possible."