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MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Funmi travelled from Nigeria to Bradford to study a year-long Master's in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

We've caught back up with her since graduating, to find out how she's transitioned to working life.

She's now enjoying a rewarding career as a qualified data scientist, working for one of the UK's largest insurance companies.

This is Funmi's story:

My postgraduate experience lead to a well respected job

"I currently work as a data scientist with Aviva, one of the leading insurance companies in the UK."

"Day-to-day, we use cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with other teams to improve business strategy and decision-making processes."

A person leaning on a railing, smiling at the camera in a well-lit indoor space.

My journey and aspirations

"Challenges have shaped who I am today."

"I started off as an intern with Aviva after graduation, then I joined the team fully three months into the internship. As this is a new career path, I’ve had my fair share of challenges, but I can confidently say they’ve positively contributed to shaping who I am today.

"I’ve also constantly worked on improving my technical skills on the job to align with the tools and techniques used within the company.

"I have a strong desire to continue developing my technical skills, and at the same time, I am working on improving my business acumen to effectively apply the skills I’ve acquired in meeting and improving business needs.

"At this point in my career, I see myself in the exploration stage, open to new challenges and opportunities within different projects. In the future, I hope to advance my career by taking up more challenging roles with a blend of advanced technical and leadership skills."

The University of Bradford provided me with what I call 'a platform of opportunities.' I was able to secure my internship role through the University which has led me to my full-time role as a data scientist today.

Self advice

"Believe in yourself."

"If I could go back and give myself some advice, reflecting on where I’m coming from and how much I’ve grown, I’d say I needed to believe more in myself. This is really important, especially in believing in my abilities and recognising the unique skills, talents, and qualities that make me valuable.

"A lot of times, I tend to feel inadequate and have that sense of ‘not doing enough’, even in the face of positive results.

"I also need to accept compliments: I still struggle with this to date, but I’m definitely getting better. When people compliment me, I tend to downplay it and just brush it off. Now, I’m learning to graciously accept it, especially when it’s very well deserved."

A person in a well lit indoor space, leaning against a wall and smiling at the camera.

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