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MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Funmi is from Nigeria and recently arrived in the UK to start her Master's in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

This is her story:

Building on my passion

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your background, your ambitions, and why you decided to study this programme?

"I am an Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate from one of Nigeria’s most prestigious universities, Obafemi Awolowo University.

"I was an active member of an artificial intelligence club as an undergraduate, with a focus on robotics. Prior to my programme at the University of Bradford, I had worked as a field engineer at Schlumberger, and had short stints in Nestle, General Electric (GE) and Schneider.

"Building on my exposure and knowledge in core engineering and my robotics experience, I was optimistic about how smarter technology could transform every facet of our world. I decided to build on that passion and learn the intricacies of artificial intelligence and its convergence with the smart use of data."

A person in a well lit indoor space, leaning against a wall and smiling at the camera.

An intriguing career path

How does the programme prepare you for a future in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics?

"Through this programme, I have been equipped and exposed to various advanced tools and libraries. These are critical to building a strong base for a successful career in the field of AI and Data Analytics.

"Some of these tools include Tableau, Python and Scikit-learn. In addition, hands-on practical sessions have also strengthened my confidence as I set out to pave an intriguing career path."

What practical, hands-on skills have you learnt over the course of the programme so far?

"Quite a number; Tableau, for building interactive dashboards that provide clear insights into existing data, Python and Scikit-learn libraries, to create predictive models using machine learning algorithms, and soft skills like communication, writing and networking skills which are critical for building social capital, and exploring opportunities.

"I have also been able to acquire additional professional certifications such as the Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner."

A person leaning on a railing, smiling at the camera in a well-lit indoor space.

The programme provides the basic building blocks required to understand the fundamentals of AI and data analytics –from the basic tools such as Microsoft Excel to more complex computer programming languages such as Python.

Funmi Oshinubi

A diverse cohort

The programme is aimed at graduates from backgrounds often under-represented in the field of technology, including AI. Have you benefited from this, and if so, how?

"As a black female engineer from Africa, I consider my participation in the programme as one of such selections.

"The additional scholarships also made participation in the programme a lot easier – demonstrating the willingness of the programme promoters to ensure backgrounds that are often under-represented in the field of technology, especially AI, were well incentivised to participate."

Can you tell us about the diversity of the cohort?

"Despite the initial part being largely virtual through a couple of well-designed online channels, I could deduce from the names of fellow cohorts that the programme brought together people from different cultures and regions.

"In addition, from the wide number of classmates I was privileged to interact with, it was evident that beyond cultural and regional diversity, gender, professions, and age were also critical factors that enriched the quality of the cohort’s diversity."

Opportunities for graduates

Do you have any advice for students who are considering studying this programme in the future?

"I think it will be helpful for prospective candidates to critically review the programme’s value propositions and other knowledge offerings to confirm its suitability, and how it aligns with their future plans, goals and ambitions.

"The use of data is fast evolving and impacting every sector – so the opportunities this programme exposes its graduates to are overwhelmingly vast.

"I should add that it would be best to maximise every second spent at the University of Bradford because contrary to what one might think, one year comes by so quickly."

A person in a well-lit indoor space, leaning against a wall and smiling at the camera.

The University of Bradford provides support that makes the entire experience enjoyable, and is the perfect choice for candidates looking to make a career switch or boost their current knowledge base.

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