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Farah Shah

MSc Human Resource Management

  • Now working in HR at Morrisons
  • Feels that her Master's degree provided her with the knowledge, qualifications and skills to stand out in the job market
  • Received a scholarship which helped her to fund her Master's
Farah Shah, MSc Human Resource Management

My current role

"I currently work in HR for Morrisons and I am very proud of this! I always knew I wanted my profession to be all about people, so HR was an easy choice for me. After I completed my MSc Human Resource Management, it further reinforced that I would like to pursue a career relating to HR, as I gained insight into the job.

"I was also constantly searching for career opportunities and trying to take on as much HR related experience as I could in my previous roles, to help me into the career.

"I applied for my current role on the Morrisons Jobs website and was shortlisted for an interview and then offered the job. The interview was fairly straightforward, but one of the requirements was to be CIPD qualified, or to be working towards a qualification. The Masters course that the University of Bradford offer includes a Level 7 CIPD qualification which greatly helped me stand out from the other applicants.

"The great thing about my job is that no two days are the same. My duties consist of different aspects within HR, whether it’s recruitment, employee management, training, extended leave and many more. There are plenty of prospects to increase my personal development and increase my knowledge, and HR offers opportunities within Learning and Development, Employment Law, Management and many others.

"I know where I see myself in five years and I know that my studies and employment within HR will help me achieve my dream role. I am by no means where I want to be in my career, but I definitely am on my way there."

The Masters degree at the University of Bradford provided me with everything I needed in order to secure a HR position with Morrisons. The majority of my studies were people related, which provides me with a great background for this role.

Choosing Bradford

"I was born and raised in Bradford, so for me, attending another university had never crossed my mind. Bradford is home for me and I am proud to say I was a student at the University. I also knew that the University of Bradford offered some of the best courses for Management and that it is widely recognised for this, so it was no contest on where I would study MSc Human Resource Management.

"My experience at the University was amazing. I received excellent support and advice throughout, but especially during my dissertation. My course was two full days a week, which was incredibly helpful, as it meant I could still work on the other days. If circumstances had allowed at the time, I would have continued with a PhD at Bradford.

"Ultimately, my Master's degree enabled me to work in the field I have chosen and has provided me with all the knowledge, qualifications and skills needed to stand out in a highly competitive market. My time at the University of Bradford reflects some of the best years of my life and I made some great friends and built excellent networks with tutors and other students."

I applied for a scholarship programme during my third year of BSc Psychology. I was offered a place, which helped me to fulfil my dream of completing my postgraduate degree.

Finding work

"In my experience it was easy to gain employment, but whether the job is in a career field you want is a different matter entirely. To complete a degree at postgraduate level not only demonstrates academic ability, but it also shows perseverance, organisation and a high level of interest in your topic of choice, amongst other skills.

"As grateful as I was to receive many employment opportunities, I had an internal battle between choosing a job I wasn’t fully interested in, or waiting for the right job related to my career. To combat this, I perfected my CV and tried to gain as much experience relevant to HR as I could. As vital as studying is, so is experience - I cannot stress this enough. I was mistaken in thinking a postgraduate degree would guarantee entry into my chosen career and I found that a degree alone is not always enough. I had all the theory and qualifications for the job, but barely any of the experience.

"My advice is that whilst you study, volunteer for any extra work related to your chosen career if you can. Always work hard in life and persevere with your dreams, as that is the key to success. You may have a bad experience or struggle to get into your career field, but do not let these elements be the reason you give up."