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Chris Mulvaney

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

  • Graduated in 2019.
  • Now working as a physiotherapist in St Helens Rugby League.
  • Chose Bradford given its reputation and student satisfaction.
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University's encouraging reputation

"I chose Bradford given its reputation and student satisfaction. When I came, I was impressed with the range of tutor backgrounds, with clinicians from musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurological practice, as well as the resources available. Knowing I wanted to work in sport and musculoskeletal practice I was constantly practicing within the student clinic after hours and getting involved with extra qualifications and sessions".

Development through social groups

"I knew I also wanted to excel with my leadership qualities, as well as my clinical skills. Because of this I joined the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) as a student member, representing our year group. This not only gave me an insight into how the CSP functions and caters for students, but allowed me to give back to my students, which I did by organising an external event.

We completed a diploma in sports massage which essentially gave us skills and knowledge of soft tissue therapy for a range of conditions".

As a member of the Sports Rehab and Physiotherapy Society, I enjoyed the social events and arranging extra-curricular events allowing the rest of the physio students to participate in.




"Throughout the three years I would search jobs within sport and musculoskeletal practices, finding their person specifications. This would allow me to tailor my skills and experiences, guiding me through a set professional development pathway, learning core skills and gaining experiences.

My placements were varied from medical wards in Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, to an elective placement with super league champions St Helens RFC. All my placements improved my skills in assessing, clinical reasoning and management of a whole range of patient conditions. This included respiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions".

"During my degree, I also enjoyed regularly attending the real-time clinics to practice my clinical skills and progressed this to completing an internship with Championship side Dewsbury Rams RFC. This gave me exposure to matchday and training sessions where I would regularly interact with rehabilitation and gym-based sessions. This is something I still enjoy doing to this day.

I landed my first job whilst coming to the end of the degree, starting work within a private practice back home in Liverpool. I am also now academy physiotherapist at St Helens, a job which I thoroughly enjoy".

Finding dream job

I landed my first job whilst coming to the end of the degree, starting work within a private practice back home in Liverpool. At the moment, I am an Academy Physiotherapist at St Helens, a job which I thoroughly enjoy.

My current job sees me provide physio cover for up to seventy players in one evening. This includes screening and assessing injuries, and rehabilitating injured players, whilst also providing pitch side cover during training sessions and matches.

With a background in sport science and coaching, I enjoy bringing all elements together and seeing the young players develop, due partly, to my input. Working in sport requires experience of working with an athletic population, along with other skills including trauma management and rehabilitation.

Chris Mulvaney exercising.

Chris at work in Liverpool Hospital

My advice to any student is "be more than a degree".

Advice to young physio students

"The ultimate reason for being here is to get a job in healthcare. Employers want to see more than just a degree classification. So, seek other avenues for learning and practicing too. Networking with other groups, practitioners and students and evidence your expansion for upcoming interviews and applications. Also, make sure you have other interests outside of your studies. Whether this is going to the gym, interacting with one of the many societies, or going travelling around the local area and beyond".