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This is Psychology

exploring the human mind

Discover the inner workings of the human mind and what makes us tick with our Psychology courses. 

Why do we think, act and react the way we do? You’ll learn core psychology principles, and develop your quantitative and qualitative research skills. There’s lots to explore with Psychology courses - delve deeper into areas including criminology, counselling, forensic psychology, and mental health. 

Your career possibilities are infinite. Psychology graduates are in demand in sectors from education to marketing, healthcare to professional sport.

Courses in this subject

We have 6 courses in this area.

Foundation Year

Study level:
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1 years
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Psychology BSc (Hons)

Study level:
UCAS code:
3 years
Attendance mode:

Our facilities

Psychology students use this suite to observe and analyse human behaviour and interactions. You can run interviews, experiments and other practicals with support from our academics & technical staff.

Meet our students and alumni

This is where my heart is

"I chose to study at the University of Bradford because Bradford is my home, and home is where the heart is. Also, I think the inclusivity at the University of Bradford is really important for me."

Sobia, BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling

Where Psychology can take you

Our courses are the first step for students who want to enter specialist areas such as clinical, occupational, forensic, counselling or educational psychology. These career paths require a postgraduate qualification and the University of Bradford offers a range of programmes for students who wish to specialise in these areas.

As well as this, our courses are also suitable for those who are interested in psychology but don't want to commit to a career as a Psychologist. They provide key transferable skills relevant to a variety of careers, including:

  • Social Work
  • Market Research
  • Advertising 
  • Teaching 
  • Broadcasting 
  • Nursing
  • Policing/Armed Forces
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