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with the Schools and Colleges team

Start your university journey

A university education is life-changing. A degree opens up a new range of career paths and increases the amount of money you will earn - an average of £9500 a year. But it's not just about your career - it's a experience that will change your perspective on life, make you more independent, and enable you to meet people from all around the world.

It's a chance to step up in life - to take on a new challenge, to gain new knowledge and confidence, and to invest in your future.

Going to university is a big decision, and we know school and college students benefit from support and guidance on things like:

  • whether university is right for them
  • what course and university to apply to
  • how the application process works, and what happens next
  • how student finance works and what support they can access

Our Outreach and Recruitment Team are here provide all the information you need to take the step up to higher education, providing advice and activities for prospective students, parents, carers, teachers and advisors in schools, colleges and other organisations.

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