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Activities for Post 16 Students

Get the support you and your students need

Our Outreach and Recruitment Team offer a variety of activities and programmes for secondary school, sixth form and college students (including adult learners). 

Our Outreach and Recruitment Officers are dedicated to developing strong relationships with their portfolios of schools and colleges - working with their key contacts to understand the needs of students and develop engaging and effective outreach activities to support them. 

We can offer activities and talks virtually and / or in person either at your location or at our City Campus. We have recently re-started our on campus HE Experience Visits and we're looking forward to students being able to visit us and take part in interactive academic sessions using our amazing facilities. 

All of our activities can be adapted as follows:

  • Duration - we generally need a minimum of 30 minutes per workshop but can extend this to suit your needs
  • Group size - a minimum of 10 students is required for most activities, but we can accommodate all group sizes
  • Format - Workshops and presentations can be extended and adapted to include interactive elements
  • Equipment - AV equipment is required for most activities, however we can deliver sessions without it


step up for Post 16 Students

Step Up Post 16 activities include workshops to help students decide if university is right for them, which course they would want to study and which universities they would want to apply to. We also offer sessions to support with the UCAS application process, personal statements, interviews, developing a Plan B, getting results ready, transitioning to university and student finance. 

Academic talks and activities can also be arranged with any of our Faculty areas:


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Outreach Workshops

These workshops represent some of our most popular outreach activities for Post 16 students and Access to HE learners. If there are other higher education related topics you feel your students would benefit from please get in touch with us - we’re happy to work with schools and colleges to develop bespoke packages of support. To find out more or book an activity simply email us.

Please note we usually require at least two weeks notice to deliver outreach workshops for schools and colleges, and sessions may be limited based on geographical area, number of students and year groups in attendance.

To deliver activities on campus we currently need at least six weeks notice in order to get the visit to campus approved and all current Health & Safety requirements and COVID-19 precautions in place.  

Activity Location


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Level 3:
A Level/ BTEC / Access Students

UCAS Application Support & Personal Statements - Interactive workshop advising on how to complete a Personal Statement, and also promoting the benefits of extracurricular activities to support applications. at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes

Interview Skills – Interactive workshop preparing students for a range of interview formats, how to prepare and what to expect on the day. Includes an activity on using the STAR technique for answering competency based questions.

at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 2,7 Yes

Applying to Health Courses - Personal statement and interview guidance specific to applying for health degree programmes.

at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 2,4,7 Yes
Choices Workshop – Is university for me?  Why go to university? On campus option would include campus tour.  at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Choices Workshop – Which degree course and which university? at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Personal Branding - cover letters, CVs and personal statements are explored in this session, with an emphasis on key skills and how to evidence them.  Students will also investigate how to find opportunities to improve key skills. at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 2,3,7 Yes
Why University of Bradford – Learn more about what makes us unique, and found out about our specialist degree programmes and facilities. On Campus option would include campus tour. at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Making the most of UCAS exhibitions & Open Days – Specifically targeted to school or college groups who are booked to attend a national UCAS exhibition. This session covers preparation, on the day and action plan development after the event.  Also relevant preparation for university open day attendance. at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Student finance explained – An interactive workshop, including a brief summary of how the student finance system works.  Students also work in groups to take part in a budgeting exercise. at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Plan B Workshop – aimed at sixth form students who may need to reconsider their options particularly in their final year at your school or college / on campus / online (live)  Flexible 7 Yes
Student Life at University – An insight into all areas of university life and independent living, from a student perspective. On campus option would include campus tour. at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Preparing for university study – particularly aimed at sixth form students in their final year. We can include a range of study skills guidance such as time management, revision skills and exam preparation at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes
Moving away for university – A look at the benefits and challenges of moving away from home for university study at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 7 Yes

Sustainable Living as a Student – Our campus accommodation ‘The Green’ isn’t just a great place to live but an award-winning sustainable living environment. Some of the sustainable features include: solar energy, rainwater harvesting, vegetable patches and sustainable living competitions for our students.

This interactive session involves students working as a team of university students (each student will be given a character) to create and present a plan to reduce their electricity and gas bills; reduce food waste and overall be more eco-friendly

at your school or college / on campus  Flexible 7 Yes

Diversity and Cultural Awareness – Moving to a large university with a diverse mix of students from across the globe can be daunting for some students. Here at Bradford 15% of our students join us from more than 150 different countries. In the city as well as on campus you will find a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, faiths, nationalities and ages creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

Find out more about the benefits of studying in such a diverse community

at your school or college / on campus / online (live)  Flexible 7 Yes

Critical Thinking - Aimed at A level students, this session helps to enhance their ability to apply critical thinking to their own work.

at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 4,7 Yes

Positive Mindset - Keeping a positive mindset isn't always easy.  This workshop looks at short term tips to support a growth mindset, and reflection on achievements so far.

at your school or college / on campus / online (live) Flexible 3,7 Yes

Revision Skills - Hints and tips for students to help them plan their revision effectively and be prepared for exams.  

at your school or college / on campus / online (live)  Flexible 3,7 Yes

Study Skills - Hints and tips on how to prepare to study at HE level; and how to make study sessions  achievable & effective. Covers elements such as time management; planning your work, notetaking and active learning.

at your school or college / on campus / online (live)  Flexible  3,4,7  Yes

*When booking online presentations please tell us what platforms you use to ensure compatibility. 

Careers events, fairs and exhibitions

We attend careers events, fairs and exhibitions across the UK in schools, colleges and community settings. We're also able to attend school events such as open evenings and parent's evenings.

Our stalls are manned by an Outreach Officer or trained Student Ambassador who will provide advice and guidance across all of our programmes at the University of Bradford as well as discussing wider student life, the application process and general higher education related topics.

Email us to book a University of Bradford stand for your event.

A University of Bradford representative at an event

Future Programmes

What better way for students to start their journey to higher education and prepare to make that informed decision, than to experience a taster of what their subject area or course could be like at university. 

Designed and delivered by leading academics, the Future Programmes aim:

  • to engage, inspire, and inform participants about HE
  • to highlight future career opportunities
  • to gain an insight and understanding into the subject matter itself for study here at the University of Bradford.

Each programme offers four individual online webinars and although these last just 1hr each, they are packed with information and experiences to really give students a feel for studying at university. 

Future Programmes include:

  • Future Life Science Professionals
  • Future Engineers
  • Mini MBA
  • Future Psychologists
  • Future Data Hackers
  • Future Lawyers

The programmes run in Autumn (Sept - Dec) and Summer (April - July) each academic year. 

You can visit our webinars page to book onto a Future Programme.

Outreach and Academic Webinar Programmes

We have developed a series of webinars to help students decide if university is right for them, which course they would want to study and which universities they might want to apply to. We also offer sessions to support with the UCAS application process, personal statements, interviews, getting ready to transition to university, and student finance. 

Academic webinars are also offered to give an insight into some of our newest and most interesting subject areas. 

These webinars are free to access and are available to potential students from anywhere in the UK.

Find the details of all our webinars.

High profile speakers

The University of Bradford is a technology university with over 50 years of cutting-edge research experience.  Our research is ranked in the top 50 in the UK (HEFCE, 2014) for research quality.  Our academics are industry experts currently shaping the future in their sectors across the globe.  Our three research themes are:

  • Advanced Healthcare
  • Innovative Engineering
  • Sustainable Societies

Our dedicated academics are able to attend events in schools and colleges across the UK to help raise aspirations by presenting on their educational and professional backgrounds, as well as to showcase current research developments.  


Support for University of Bradford applicants

For students who have applied to the University of Bradford and have accepted us as their conditional firm or insurance choice, we provide a dedicated service to support them throughout their final year on their journey to Bradford.  This includes:

  • Transition advice and support
  • Study skills support such as exam preparation and revision skills
  • One-to-one support and guidance on a range of topics such as student finance, moving away from home, Clearing and A level results day support
  • Mentoring opportunities with our current students
  • Access to a range of applicant events on campus
  • Academic activities / talks for their chosen subject area
  • Plan B and Clearing information, advice and guidance 
  • Parents and carers events, support and guidance
  • Personal tours of our campus and the City of Bradford, meeting academics and current students

If you have students in your school or college who have an offer from the University of Bradford, please get in touch to find out more about how we can support applicants.

student and parent

Clearing and results day support

Clearing Toolkit

The run up to results days can be a daunting time for students, their families, and teachers and advisers. Each year we develop a Clearing Toolkit designed to provide advice and guidance about the UCAS Clearing process, how to prepare for Clearing and what to do on results day. Our Recruitment Officers can deliver the Clearing Toolkit presentation to students in schools and colleges across the UK.

'Plan B' Workshop

Either as a result of a change of heart, or if exams aren't going as well as expected, some final year students need to develop a 'Plan B'. If you have students reconsidering their options please get in touch. We are able to deliver dedicated workshops and guidance to these students to take the pressure off teachers and advisers during this crucial time.

A level results day ambassadors

We have trained student ambassadors who are able to attend schools and colleges across the UK on A Level results day to both celebrate with students as they receive their results, and to also support students who may be applying through clearing on the day.  Ambassadors will be armed with results day celebration packs and mobile phones to allow students to contact our clearling helplines on a priority number.  We can also offer this service to BTEC and Access students who may receive their results earlier in the cycle.

To find out more or to book an activity please email us.

A Student Ambassador at an Open Day