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Dr PB Anand

Reader in Environmental Economics and Public Policy

Expertise: environmental economics, sustainable human development, right to water, institutional economics, governance, accountability, China, India

Economics, Environment, International development, Politics

Professor Diana Anderson

Professor of Biomedical Science and Established Chair

Expertise: cancer, oxygen radicals, human biomonitoring, unbalanced precursor pools, dietary imbalance, male-mediated developmental defects, nanotoxicology, general toxicology

Biomedical science, Cancer

Professor Udy Archibong

Director of Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID)

Expertise: equality, inclusion, diversity,

Health, Leadership

Professor Ian Armit

Professor of Archaeology

Expertise: Later Prehistoric Europe, conflict and violence in non-state societies, archaeology of Iron Age Britain and Europe

Anthropology, Archaeology

Miss Lorna Armitage

Lecturer in Computer Science

Expertise: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity

Dr Mark Baimbridge

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Expertise: European economic integration, Labour market flexibility, industrial disputes, elite labour markets

Industrial relations, Political economy

Professor Brendan Barrett

Professor of Visual Development

Expertise: amblyopia, vision and sport, vision and reading

Health, Optometry, Vision

Dr Julia Beaumont

Lecturer in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Teeth, dental development, isotopes, palaeodiet, forensic dentistry, collagen, neonatal, maternal health

Anthropology, Archaeology, Health

Mr Jamie Beck

Lecturer in School of Allied Health Professions and Sport

Expertise: Education, trauma, forensic science, sports medicine

Forensic science, Health, Sport

Professor Christoph Bluth

Professor of International Relations and Security

Expertise: Russia and Eurasia, Pakistan, Iraq, Germany, North East Asia, Korea

International relations, Middle East, Politics, Security

Dr Jim Boyne

Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Expertise: RNA, Cancer, Viruses

Biomedical science, Cancer, Chemistry, Health

Dr Jo Buckberry

Reader in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Human osteology, age estimation and sex assessment, palaeopathology; trauma analysis, early medieval, medieval and post-medieval funerary archaeology

Anthropology, Archaeology

Dr Andrea Cullen

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Expertise: cybersecurity, business systems, social engineering

Computer science, Cybersecurity

Dr Russell Delderfield

Male Eating Disorders Researcher

Expertise: disordered eating, qualitative, social psychology of eating disorders, counselling and psychotherapy for male eating disorders, masculinities and Critical Men’s Studies, misandry, masculism, philosophy and methodology of qualitative research, hermeneutics for social psychology, researcher development, person-centred practice, reflective practice

Health, Psychology

Professor Murna Downs

Professor in Dementia Studies

Expertise: quality of life, quality of care, lived experience of dementia, effectiveness of training and education, culture change; mixed methods

Alzheimer's, Dementia

Dr Chris Gaffney

Head of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences

Expertise: archaeological geophysics, 3D and spatial analysis of data, philosophy of science, TL dating, trace element analysis

Archaeology, Forensic science

Professor Vincent Gaffney

Anniversary Chair in Landscape Archaeology;

Expertise: Landscape Archaeology, Archaeological GIS, Prehistoric Archaeology, Croatian Archaeology, Roman Archaeology


Professor Anne Graham

Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Transfer

Expertise: Inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endothelial cells, cell signalling, MAP kinase, angiogenesis, microRNA

Biomedical science, Chemistry, Health

Professor Owen Greene

Chair of Management Board, Peace Studies and International Development

Expertise: non-proliferation and disarmament, regional security, conflict prevention, climate change, ozone depletion, sea pollution, Europe, East Asia, West Africa, South Asia

Environment, International development, International relations, Politics, Security

Professor Zahir Irani

Dean of the Faculty of Management and Law

Expertise: Management Decision Making, Leadership, Food Security and electronic Government, student engagement, employability, enhancement


Professor Abigail Locke

Professor in Psychology

Expertise: gender, motherhood, fatherhood, parenting, identity, health

Health, Perception, Psychology

Professor Edward Mallen

Head of Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Science

Expertise: refractive error, accommodation control, neural adaptation to blur, adaptive optics.

Health, Optometry, Vision

Professor Richard Morgan

Director of the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

Expertise: Cancer, Transcription, Drug discovery, HOX genes, EN2, Biomarker


Professor Daniel Neagu

Professor of Computing

Expertise: artificial intelligence, toxicology, software engineering, online social networks, data quality, big data, healthcare

Artificial intelligence, Computer science, Health

Professor Jan Oyebode

Professor of Dementia Care

Expertise: fronto-temporal dementia, cultural aspects of dementia, end of life and bereavement, interventions, cognitive rehabilitation

Alzheimer's, Dementia

Professor Marcus Rattray

Head of Bradford School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Professor of Pharmacology

Expertise: Neuroprotection, astrocytes, addiction, motor neurone disease, pharmacology

Health, Pharmacy

Dr Carlton Reeve

Head of School for Media, Design and Technology

Expertise: games, animation, visual effects, graphics, game-based learning, social media.

Media, design and technology

Professor Stephen Rimmer

Head of School of Chemistry and Biosciences, and Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: Polymers, Biomaterials, Radical Polymerisation, Cationic Polymerisation, Polyurethanes, Emulsion Polymerisation, Smart Polymers, Anti-microbial agents, Tissue Engineering, Drug delivery

Chemistry, Health

Professor Paul Rogers

Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies

Expertise: Changing causes of international conflict, Terrorism and political violence, Environmental conflict, Middle East security, Arms control and disarmament, Middle East; Persian Gulf

Middle East, Politics, Security

Dr Afshin Shahi

Senior Lecturer in International Relations & Middle East Politics

Expertise: Middle East politics and security, political Islam, religious sectarianism

International relations, Middle East, Politics, Security

Professor Amir Sharif

Professor in Circular Economy and Associate Dean (International)

Expertise: Food security, Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Circular Economy, Humanitarian Logistics, Management programmes, Supply chain management, Operations management, Project management, Leadership Causal mapping, Systems thinking, Systems dynamics, Artificial Intelligence , Internet of things , Industry 4.0, Learning and Teaching, MBA, Executive Education, Leadership Development, Employability, Information systems, Strategy, People Management, Board governance, Internationalisation, Global education, Transnational education

Artificial intelligence, Leadership, Organisation

Professor Simon Shepherd

Professor of Computational Mathematics

Expertise: solar physics, civil processing, cryptography, wireless security, cyber security, translational medicine, security, medical records

Artificial intelligence, Computer science, Cybersecurity

Mr Simon Tweddell

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

Expertise: Education research, Team-based learning


Professor Hassan Ugail

Professor of Visual Computing

Expertise: geometric design, visualisation, simulation based design, computer science

Computer science

Professor Gregory Watts

Professor of Environmental Acoustics

Expertise: sustainable environments, environmental engineering, road traffic noise, traffic, urban and rural open spaces, tranquillity


Dr Andrew Wilson

Senior Lecturer in Forensic and Archaeological Sciences

Expertise: Biological Anthropology, archaeological human remains, ancient keratin remains, Mummy Studies, mummified human/ faunal remains

Anthropology, Archaeology