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Experts in Health and pharmacy

Dr Andrew Daly-Smith

Reader in Healthy Children

Expertise: Childhood, physical activity, health in children

Health and pharmacy

Dr Beth Fylan

Associate Professor in Patient Safety

Expertise: Patient Safety, medicines optimisation

Health and pharmacy

Professor Colin Wright

Professor of Pharmacognosy

Expertise: Drugs from natural products

Health and pharmacy

Dr Eleanor Bryant

Associate Professor in Health and Eating Behaviour Psychology

Expertise: Diet and behaviour, appetite, psychology, obesity

Health and pharmacy

Dr Giorgia Previdoli

Honorary Visiting Researcher, Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research

Expertise: Medicines management for older people, intervention co-design, patient and public involvement in healthcare research

Health and pharmacy

Dr Jacobo Elies Gomez

Assistant Professor in Pharmacology

Expertise: Pharmacology/Physiology, cardiovascular disease, skin diseases

Health and pharmacy

Mr Jamie Beck

Lecturer in School of Allied Health Professions and Sport

Expertise: Education, trauma, forensic science, sports medicine

Health and pharmacy

Dr Mahendra Patel OBE

Honorary Visiting Professor

Expertise: Pharmacy

Health and pharmacy

Professor Marcus Rattray

Professor of Pharmacology

Expertise: Neuroprotection, astrocytes, addiction, motor neurone disease, pharmacology

Health and pharmacy

Professor Liz Breen

Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone

Expertise: Supply chains, logistics and operational management (especially relating to Covid/Brexit), medicine optimisation, digital innovation, patient safety, process analysis and risk management.

Health and pharmacy, Sustainability and circular economy

Professor Peter Gardner

Professor of Healthcare, Quality and Security

Expertise: Healthcare safety, patient safety, E-health, health technology

Health and pharmacy

Dr Simon Tweddell

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

Expertise: Education research, Team-based learning

Health and pharmacy