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Solid Dosage Form Processing

  • Granulation- High Shear Mixer GMX-Lab Micro (Freund Vector) capacity 1L and 4L
  • Granulation- High Shear Granulator (Mini RMG, Karnavati Engineering Limited)
  • Compaction- Roller compactor (KERC-200/50, Karnavati Engineering Limited)
  • Compression (tabletting)-Single punch compression (Cavela)
  • Compression (tabletting)-8 station tabletting press (Mini Press II, Karnavati Engineering Limited)
  • Coating- Lab scale tablet coater HCT Mini HiCoater (Freund Vector)
  • Blending/Mixing-KMix planetary mixer (Kenwood)
  • Blending/Mixing-T2F Turbula Blender System (Willy A Bachofen AG)
  • Sifting- Vibratory Sieve Shaker AS 200 (Retsch)
Adjusting roller compactor controls