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Powder/Particle Characterisation

  • Particle Morphology/Size-Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (ESEM)-Quanta 400 (FEI)
  • Hygroscopicity/amorphous content- Intrinsic Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) (SMS)
  • Particle Size Analysis (powders)-Laser Diffraction HELOS/KF Rodos-M range 1-100microns (Sympatec)
  • Particle Size Analysis/Zeta potential (suspensions/emulsions)-DLS NanoSizerS range 10nm-103nm(Malvern)
  • Surface Area Measurements (BET)- iGC Surface Energy Analyser includes film surface analysis option (SMS)
  • Particle or True Density- Helium Pycnometry- AccuPyc 1330 (Micrometrics)
  • Compressibility-Texture Analyser TA XP+ (Stable Microsystems)
  • Flowability- Angle of repose method-Texture Analyser TA XP+ (Stable Microsystems)
  • Rheometry- Rotational and Capillary Rheometers-(AntonParr)
  • KF Moisture analysis- 701 KF Titrino (Metrohm)
  • Loss on Drying (LOD)- Halogen moisture balance (Mettler Toledo)
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