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Experts in crystal engineering

Crystal engineering is the understanding of intermolecular interactions in the context of crystal packing and the utilization of such understanding in design of new solids with desired physical and chemical properties. Increasingly drug development candidates suffer from low solubility and show poor and unpredictable bioavailability particularly those delivered via the oral route. Crystal engineering investigations into active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) can be an important tool in the design of solid state forms with improved dissolution rates, solubility and ultimately bioavailability. An in-depth understanding of the crystallisation processes and the molecular properties of the API is essential in the design of pharmaceutical final dosage forms.

The academic research team at CPES are focused on developing an understanding of the crystallisation process and designing novel methods for the manufacture of new forms of APIs. For example, the CPES team are leading experts in the understanding of the formation of co-crystals and have explored many different processing methods.  In addition, the team have an excellent reputation in their knowledge of polymorphic transformations and processes that can be used to stabilise novel polymorphs of APIs.

cocrystal structure portrait