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Mooting and our Law Society

Mooting provides an opportunity for students to gain essential knowledge of the law and practical legal skills for the job market. Students develop sought after skills such as advocacy and legal research, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, as well as team-work skills. Mooting competitions are conducted both internally at "home" and "away" against other institutions around the country.

The actual operation of the court and the related processes includes an intensive oral presentation, analysis of contentious legal facts and arguments, as well as legal drafting. These skills are then tested through an adversarial argument against an opposing counsel and are presented before a judge.

Our new Lady Hale Moot Court

The Lady Hale Moot Court provides a mock Court for students to practise their skills. The school utilises this facility to undertake simulated court proceedings within the curriculum but also takes part in a number of external mooting competitions throughout the year.  The mooting competitions take place at "home" in the Lady Hale courtroom and "away" against other institutions around the country.  

The actual operation of the court and the related processes include elements of oral presentation and the analysis of facts and skeleton arguments.  These skills are then tested though adversarial argument against those in the role of opposing counsel and are presented before a person in the role as the judge. 

The Lady Hale Court presents a valuable opportunity to experience how a court operates and how the practice of law feels when practically argued and applied in court.  It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university to appearing in court and the practice provides confidence within an environment where mistakes can be remedied and weaknesses fortified.

See also our news coverage concerning the opening of the Lady Hale court.

Lady Hale stand in front of the judges bench in the new Law School Moot Court

A mock courtroom, especially a realistic one like this, is a great way to introduce students and others to what it feels like to be in a courtroom, to learn about advocacy, to practice being witnesses, which is a very scary thing, so to have the opportunity of trying it out, in a safe space, is a a huge opportunity for the students.

Lady Brenda Hale
Students in wigs and gowns discussing case in front of judge in Lady Hale mock court

Mooting is the perfect opportunity to reconcile the academic legal skills learned within the LLB together with the 'soft-skills' which we are encouraged to develop alongside our studies. Whilst on the course, we learn how to carefully analyse and scrutinise the law in a purely objective sense, whereby we consider the opinions of leading judges and academics on a particular issue and use it to form a balanced opinion

Joseph Corina, Undergraduate Law Student

About our Law Society

The University of Bradford Student Law Society is always looking to add to the University experience, to help our members, and to further enhance the standing of Bradford Law students.

Our calendar is packed with competitions, court visits, career events, luncheons and other opportunities to network and enhance our members’ professional awareness and legal skills. Team positions for the Law Society’s participation in national Mooting competitions are hotly contested by budding barristers who want to experience the thrill of the courtroom.  

The Law Society also runs Mooting Masterclass, coaching sessions, friendly moots, and regular internal mooting competitions for students who want to hone their advocacy skills whilst enjoying the ‘friendly’ challenge.

All are welcome to try their hand at Mooting. Students can get involved in a variety of ways such as helping to prepare a brief, acting as clerk, judging, or representing the client as an advocate. So please sign up as a Member of the Student Law Society and get involved.