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Our people at the School of Law

About our community from our Head of School

Our School of Law is comprised of a diverse group of exceptional individuals united in a common goal of learning and research excellence.

We are a community that believes in, and nurtures the potential of the individual and draws on the strength in our collective to drive change, and harness the opportunities in our increasingly interconnected and fast-changing legal environment.

With the support of our alumni, eminent partners and International Advisory Board, our academics and students work together to ensure a rounded education that is inclusive and targeted, equipping our graduates to thrive. Our research contributes innovative solutions to contemporary challenges for the development of the individual and the common good of society.

I am enormously proud of everyone involved in the School of Law and their commitment to nurturing talent and excellence.

Professor Engobo Emeseh, Head of School of Law

Image of Professor Engobo Emesh Head of School of Law

Full list of our team

First name Last name Position Profile Photo
Chris Taylor Associate Professor View profile for Chris Taylor Photo of Chris Taylor
Mark Van Hoorebeek Associate Professor View profile for Mark Van Hoorebeek Photo of Mark Van Hoorebeek
Julia Cressey Associate Professor View profile for Julia Cressey Photo of Julia Cressey
Edward Mowlam Assistant Professor View profile for Edward Mowlam Photo of Edward Mowlam
Engobo Emeseh Head of Law School / Professor View profile for Engobo Emeseh Photo of Engobo Emeseh
Prince Olokotor Lecturer in Law View profile for Prince Olokotor Photo of Prince Olokotor
Pedi Obani Associate Professor View profile for Pedi Obani Photo of Pedi Obani
Tuiya Tembo Lecturer View profile for Tuiya Tembo Photo of Tuiya Tembo
Ajay Kumar Lecturer in Law View profile for Ajay Kumar Photo of Ajay Kumar
Ovo Catherine Imoedemhe Lecturer View profile for Ovo Catherine Imoedemhe Photo of Ovo Catherine Imoedemhe
Brian Ikejiaku Associate Professor View profile for Brian Ikejiaku Photo of Brian Ikejiaku
Victoria Nalule Lecturer View profile for Victoria Nalule Photo of Victoria Nalule
Rosalili Wan Rosli Lecturer View profile for Rosalili Wan Rosli Photo of Rosalili Wan Rosli
Neeti Shikha Lecturer View profile for Neeti Shikha Photo of Neeti Shikha
Irekpitan Okukpon Lecturer View profile for Irekpitan Okukpon Photo of Irekpitan Okukpon
Charles Wild Associate Professor View profile for Charles Wild Photo of Charles Wild
Sheikh Bilal Khan Assistant Professor View profile for Sheikh Bilal Khan Photo of Sheikh Bilal Khan
Riaz Bashir Assistant Professor View profile for Riaz Bashir Photo of Riaz Bashir
Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo Professor View profile for Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo Photo of Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo
Tamarakemiebi Koroye Lecturer View profile for Tamarakemiebi Koroye
Erebi Ndoni Lecturer View profile for Erebi Ndoni

Our Industry Advisory Board

Our Industry Advisory Board draws upon the wealth of experience from a diverse range of talented individuals from sectors of the legal profession.  They include those working at the bench, in legal practice, in industry, in academia and the third sector.

They provide independent, external and informed advice from and that enables us to deliver inspiring and world-class education and research. Our board members support and provide a fresh perspective on the development, relevancy and impact of our curriculum, student experience, our international strategic planning, partnership development, external affairs and alumni engagement.